The magic of a hug

The magic of a hug
Published: January 21, 2019

When we embrace, words are unnecessary.

During my last tour through Europe, I visited a few schools in Malaga, Spain, where I spent time with children and young adults. I also visited a shelter. These encounters included laughing, dancing, and giving and receiving lots of hugs. The hugs warmed our soul, giving us all the trust and security we needed to move forward and go for our dreams.

International Hug Day is celebrated globally on January 21st, and I didn’t want to let this date go by unrecognized. In all these years of learning, I have found that there is no simpler act than a hug to bring us all the beauty and abundance life has to offer. And it’s free.

When we embrace, words are unnecessary. In the touch and silence of a hug, thousands of emotions may be transmitted — joy, affection, forgiveness, peace, and happiness.

We can start by hugging ourselves. Look at yourself, value yourself, approve what is in you, accept yourself as you are, then give yourself a hug. You will feel your breathing, your heartbeat, and the heat of your hand. You will soon feel a deep internal connection, enjoying that moment of peace that you’re so longing for. Try it!

Then, let’s hug our family, friends, pets and even that person we’re having a hard time forgiving. A hug has the magic of healing wounds and easing suffering. A hug is linked to forgiveness; it’s physical proof that we are leaving behind resentment and opening the door to prosperity. It is a sign that we are healing. Remember, we forgive to stop hurting ourselves.

Also, did you know that a hug is healthy? Hugging not only brings benefits to our soul, but it is proven that giving and receiving hugs has many advantages for our health. For example, it helps us reduce stress and anxiety, improves blood pressure, rejuvenates the body, improves the immune system, relaxes the muscles, and generates cardiovascular benefits. The power of a hug affects our entire body and soul.

Of course, January 21st is not just a date to remind us to hug on one day. It is a reminder to bring hugging into our lives every day. It must become a part of who we are and how we live and treat one another. Hug your friends, your family, your co-workers. It doesn’t matter who or why. Hug everybody. Even if it’s a stranger. Yes, hug someone you don’t know. You never know, you may be saving someone’s life when you do.

Let’s hug each other a lot!

It will make the world a better place.


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