Love and let go

Love and let go
Published: February 14, 2019

The secret to being happy is to let go and love without attachments.

This February 14, several countries around the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and friendship. But, do we know how to love? Or what love really is?

Love, in its essence, is freedom. When we are free, we let go and are not attached to anything or anyone. Attachment is what makes us slaves to life. We feel that we “need” something so badly, but even when we have it, we find that we are not happy. We are not happy because we are not present to enjoy it. Instead, we are caught in the future, thinking about how we could lose those things which we so desperately seek.

To learn to love, we must begin by loving and accepting ourselves, connecting with our true self, and knowing that everything we need and are looking for is already inside us. When we achieve this connection, love will be part of our existence, no matter where we go, and who we are. We will always be present, appreciating and enjoying everything life has to offer.

When we do this, letting go will be much easier, because we will understand that love transforms and flows. When we let go of our past, our fears, and the things that do not make us happy, we are instantly making room for love and abundance to flow in our lives. We begin to be free.

When you love, you are happy. Both feelings go hand in hand. And it’s not only about loving another person, but it can also be the love of an object, a pet or even an action. Love reflects in everything — when we do our chores, go to work, take a walk, or play with our kids. Love is always there, in every personal and professional moment in our lives. If we feel that something makes us happy, then it means that we love it. If we do not perceive this connection, then it means that maybe it is time to give thanks and let go.

To be happy, we need to let go of our past, the sad memories, the job or client that does not make us happy, or the toxic relationship that holds us back. We forgive! Over time we will learn that holding back only generates suffering and that this is not love.

Love and Change

Many times, we want things to be permanent, and we expect that our feelings toward people will always stay the same. Because we fear change, we accumulate memories and continue to relive our past. But change is good. Change is transformative. We must trust in the unknown, in what we do not know, and in what we cannot understand intellectually. Change always brings us something bigger and better.

We are not aware that everything around us is in constant movement, and that our body, attitudes, and circumstances are constantly changing. Instead, we cling to an idea of ​​how things should be, which will only lead us to be continuously disillusioned. We must understand that love flows and that we must stop resisting and start to let go.

It is also essential that we remember that we are never alone in this life journey and that this is a benevolent Universe. That’s why you should not be afraid to be alone either. Do not confuse loneliness with aloneness. Do not be afraid of silence and being alone, since that is where you will hear the words of love you are hoping to hear.

Let’s take advantage of this special day to reflect on the importance of loving ourselves and the different people in our lives, from true unconditional love and free from all attachments.

Let go. Trust. And set yourself free.

Love yourself today and always. Do something special for your soul. Enjoy yourself. Do not depend on anything outside of you to be happy.

Let go of the past, live in the present and change your life forever.


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