Can a person who has suffered from abuse ever forgive?

Can a person who has suffered from abuse ever forgive?
Published: February 25, 2019

Don’t hurt yourself any longer. You deserve to be happy!

To forgive is sometimes difficult, even more, if it’s because of abuse or an unfair situation which has made you suffer. Abuse can leave deeper scars than physical ones, such as fear, mistrust, and sadness. The best way to overcome the pain is to stop carrying it, and through forgiveness, decide to be free.

There are many women who have suffered abuse, and now they help others cope with these difficult situations. They are making a difference in their own lives, as well as in the lives of many others. They succeeded because they decided not to be victims. On the contrary, they chose to forgive and be happy. The best way to be happy is to let go and forgive, so it does not allow that resentment to continue doing more damage.

Our problem is that sometimes we are not sufficiently aware to realize that when we take responsibility, we are accepting that there is a blessing behind the problem. When we accept responsibility, we stop blaming, regain our power, and learn to become better people. It’s important to stop analyzing and try to understand everything that is happening to us. It’s better to let go and observe — to live more in the present time.

Remember, the problem is not the problem. The problem is our reaction to the problem.

If we want the future to be different, we must let go of the past which has brought us pain. We must briefly live our grief, and then leave it behind and return to the present time as fast as possible.

Ho´oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art for problem-solving, which is based on reconciliation and forgiveness. The word Ho’oponopono means to amend and/or correct an error. According to this philosophy, everything that appears in our lives is a thought, memory, or program which appears in order to give us the opportunity to let it go and erase it.

The reality is that to let go and forgive heals and frees us. The anger and resentment we keep are emotions which are very heavy to carry. If you let go of the heavy luggage which you are carrying, not only will you move faster in life, but you will be free! Stop taking the poison, and waiting for the effect to hit someone else.

You need to get your strength back and continue with life and, under no circumstances, stop your projects or abandon your wishes. Don’t hurt yourself any longer. You deserve to be happy!


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