Overcoming analysis paralysis to live an inspired life

Overcoming analysis paralysis to live an inspired life
Published: March 4, 2019

Do you live freely, or are you in your mind jail? Whatever your problems or goals are, don’t think! Let your own inspiration flow.

What happens when we think too much without considering our connection with the cosmic intelligence? What happens when we believe that we will find a better solution on our own? We put many arguments on the table to choose one, but that only brings doubts about which one is better. In the end, this often leads us to not the wisest choice, but whatever the memory dictates, or whichever programming in our subconscious screams the loudest.

This explains the statistical results, which tells us that approximately ninety percent of business issues are not resolved during working hours, being the time when we are entirely connected with the intellect. Of course, it’s not the reasoning that solves our problems. Inspiration generates the best ideas, which arise when we relax the thought process, like when we’re in the shower in the morning, or when we dream, take a walk or read a good book.

Beethoven put this into practice. He enjoyed taking long walks and always with his notepad, always ready to write. He loved to be inspired by nature. Likewise, the inventors of the internet didn’t know where their idea came from. All the great inventors receive ideas or solutions at the least expected moments.

When the snake crosses a path.

People always ask me, “How do you decide what to do and not to do? When do you decide to act on something or not? How do you decide what is good for you?” I explain that I don’t know. I follow my heart because then I know that it’s ok. The secret is to act from inspiration without thinking — to leave aside what we have learned, what is correct or incorrect, what is good or bad.

For example, if a snake crosses your path, do you walk away immediately or do you start to think about it? If you think about it, you will not have the time to walk away, and before you could make a decision, the snake will probably bite you. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a snake to bite me!

This applies to all aspects of your life. When you act “naturally” and “instinctively,” things flow. However, when you think too much, and analyze over and over, you lose your natural rhythm, and everything becomes more difficult. When you think, you start to worry, and when you start to worry, you are not in the flow. You are not at zero, and thus, the inspiration cannot reach you.

Looking backward in time is when you can see how inspiration works. In my case, if I observe the past, and I like what I see, I realize that I did something which made my heart feel good. I know I couldn’t have done it from the intellect.

My greatest experience, with regards to the inspiration flow, is during the seminars, or when I’m being interviewed. I never know what I’m going to say. I do the presentations without thinking. I just speak. In my early days, I even surprised myself. When I began teaching with my Internet and telephone classes, and I was still working as an accountant, I didn’t want to know in advance the questions I would be asked. I knew that my intellect would get involved. When the questions came improvised, the answers would just flow, and my responses would always be what the other person needed to hear.

The latest example of how inspiration can flow through me was an experience I had in Mexico, where I presented in front of eighty inmates at a women’s jail.

One hundred and thirteen inmates were invited to my presentation, from which only eighty chose to attend. In spite of my Ho’oponopono practice, I was still surprised when I was in front of them. I realized that I saw them from a loving point of view, simply as the human beings they were, without any personal opinions or judgments.

The biggest surprise I felt were the things I said to them. Although I am used to flowing with inspiration at the seminars and freely responding to questions from attendees, this particular jail experience changed my life. I realized what it was like tocompletely let the inspiration flow, and the ability it has to affect our lives and others. I found myself telling the inmates what they could truly absorb and what could help them, but not from the intellect or what would have been correct to say. Among many other things, I advised them to make of their time in jail as if it were a spiritual retreat, where they had the opportunity to connect with themselves and discover their true identity. Inside the prison, they were free from many worries, and they should take advantage of that.

I also suggested for them to write books, which could even impact the lives of people outside the jail. I emphasized that outside the jail we are not free, although we believe we are. We live in a permanent jail, full of stress and overloaded with worry.

It is very important for those of us who are “outside,” to be thankful for the opportunity to move around and make so many life decisions. We should remember more often to thank God for all the many blessings that we enjoy in our everyday lives, without taking them for granted.

And you?

Do you live freely, or are you in your mind jail? Whatever your problems or goals are, don’t think! Don’t think about how you will do something or when the answer will come. Remain open. Let your own inspiration flow. Let go and trust.

The answer will come spontaneously when you least expect it.



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  1. DAVID ALVAREZ says:

    Estimada Mabel
    Muy bonito mensaje inspirador.
    Mi consulta es cómo empezar a hablarle a nuestro niño interior.

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