Are you still setting goals?

Are you still setting goals?
Published: April 18, 2019

In the course of my life, obtain two titles, my own business, write several books and travel the world many times, spread my message of love, freedom and personal responsibility through Ho'oponopono and Zero Frequency®.

You might think that I am a strong-minded and goal-driven individual, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, I don’t believe in goals or the mind as a pathway to helping you live the life you want to live. I do believe in knowing what your heart desires, then following that inner guidance toward your destiny. I also believe in doing the work it takes to move you toward where your heart wants to be. I couldn’t just wish a book to be written; I had to sit down and write it. The best way to follow your heart is to take action.

However, here is the great paradox—you don’t need goals to live the life you were destined to live. In fact, goals are a roadblock. In the words of the Zen master, Osho, “No enlightened person has ever been goal-oriented; he cannot be. Goal-orientation is the way of the mind.”

The alternative and spiritual way are simple: you just need to let go and live in the present moment. And I’m going to show you how in this month’s exciting new Q&A:

The problem with goals is that they all live in the future, which means you can’t have goals without living in the mind. And, outside of living in the past, there is nothing the mind loves more than dwelling on what will happen tomorrow—how rich you’ll be, the career you’ll have, the relationship that’s waiting for you. And while it can be addictive dreaming about the future, the more time you spend there, the more likely it is that the mind will start to create all kinds of problems—anxiety, anguish, and fear. The future (your goals) keeps you in a constant state of becoming, striving and reaching.

The enlightened person lives in the state of no-mind. In this state, there is no past or future, which means there are no goals and nothing to be achieved. No reaching. No becoming. There is only the present moment, which is the source of our true power and the only compass we’ll ever need to get where we want to go.

I don’t know about you, but this is the only place where I want to live.

I hope you’ll join me and see for yourself how beautiful it can be.



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