Our chance to be reborn

Our chance to be reborn
Published: April 19, 2019

The feast of Easter is a celebration for releasing all kinds of oppression and slavery — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and even social. It’s an opportunity for us to free ourselves once and for all, and become part of a real change. In other words, it’s our chance to be reborn!

Regardless of your religious beliefs, this week is one of the most inspiring weeks of the year. Easter and Passover — celebrated by both Christians and Jews — are synonymous with the encounters we all have with ourselves — death, rebirth, and love. It is no accident that this year also coincides with the International Day of Mother Earth. Both celebrations are an opportunity to embrace an important moment of awareness for all — the chance to change. To become reborn.

Fortunately, this change begins with attitude, which depends entirely on us.

Right now, seismic changes are happening in the world. These changes call us to reflect, to become aware, and to be part of the real transformation. It’s time to look inside ourselves and begin to walk the path of peace we are all searching for. This path of peace will open us up to all the opportunities the universe has to offer. It is change that begins in our heart, then grows with trust and surrender.

On this path, you will sometimes be caught in a vortex — where you will be a prisoner of the past and the future. It is at this moment when you must let go of what bothers you and give way to love and acceptance. Regardless of what is going on around you, every day is an opportunity to be happy in the beautiful moments and miracles that God has for us. It is also time to take responsibility and become aware of the great planet on which we live, and our role as travelers on this cosmic spaceship that transports us towards our destiny.

The Earth is a breathtaking and magnificent experience and a blessing beyond words.

As we embrace this Easter season in our own unique way, let us remember that being here and now is a privilege. We were selected for this very important moment of evolution. It is time to transcend what we call “problems” and choose to be happy and at peace.

Let us all come together as a single living organism, united in our cause to bring love and light to the world. Remember, Mother Earth feels the same way we feel. We need to take care of ourselves, and in the process, take care of Mother Earth. We are responsible for its well-being; in the same way we are responsible for our own. Fortunately, the universe has given us the power and inner light to show us the way. All we need to do is practice acceptance, unlearn, and let go of everything we were taught.

Conscious peace, along with gratitude and trust are the tools that will help us turn on the light in our hearts so that we may live a happier life — spreading the peace and love our world so desperately needs.


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