Be happy, every day

Be happy, every day

In many parts of the world, there is a beautiful tradition called “Yellow Day.”

It’s a celebration of the happiest day of the year, which this year falls on June 20th, which is one day before the summer solstice. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the longest day of the year and the moment when the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, its highest point.

The idea is simple: More sun, more light, more happiness. You know, as in lazy summer days and long vacations. Some countries even throw in an extra paycheck to mark the occasion! Who wouldn’t be happy?

But while I’m a big fan of yellow and any tradition that highlights our need to be happy, there is a problem with anything that calls itself “Happiness Day.”

There is no such thing as the happiest day of the year. The happiest day of the year is the day — or every day — we decide to be happy. Happiness depends on us. It’s a personal decision — not one that comes from a calendar.

Now, I understand that summer might be a happy and carefree time for many. And nobody is going to be sad if they’re handed an extra paycheck. But the truth is, the seasons change and so do our bank accounts, and our happiness can never be the consequence of changing seasons or changing bank accounts. Our happiness begins by deciding to be happy. When we do, this abundance will come. We just need to trust.

Unfortunately, most of us are taught that we will only be happy AFTER money arrives, AFTER we have our own home, AFTER our problems go away. But, in reality, the opposite is true. Happiness doesn’t come AFTER anything. It comes first — the moment we choose to be happy and live in peace. When we do this, all of life will flow to us like magnets.

The truth is, we shouldn’t need anyone (or anything) outside of ourselves telling us when or why we should be happy. We should steer our life for ourselves, moving in the direction that brings us happiness.

Here’s the good news. Finding the secret of happiness is a lot easier than we think. In fact, it’s why I wrote my book, Maluhia, a Happy City. It’s about a beautiful group of people who know to be happy and live a healthier and more peaceful life. There are 26 stories which will help you connect with your inner wisdom, awaken your consciousness, and create a vision of how the world can be a much happier and peaceful place to live. I humbly suggest you read it.

Of course, that same happiness is already part of you. You just need to make a choice — to stay happy regardless of what happens in your life. To live in the present. To be thankful for what you have. To love and accept yourself as you are.

I propose we celebrate Happiness Day, as a beautiful reminder that we should be happy every day!

After all, happiness is not achieved; it’s chosen.

With love,


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