Let’s see the world as youth see it

Let’s see the world as youth see it
Published: September 18, 2019

If ever there was a day that was close to my heart, it is International Youth Day, celebrated each year on August 12.

It is a day initiated by the United Nations as a way to promote better awareness of the World Progamme of Action for Youth. The programme encourages youth around the world to organize activities to raise awareness about the problem of youth in their country. More than that, they are encouraged to take action. In past years, young people have dealt with transforming education, building a better world, promoting peace, eradicating poverty, and fighting climate change. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Their enthusiasm and commitment to a better world remind me why I spend so much time working with young people around the world — because they believe anything is possible. You might be tempted to call a child naive, but there is profound wisdom in the innocence and nature of a child, and in the way a child looks at the world. They see the world differently, which is why they have different programming than ours.

As we celebrate this beautiful day, we must stop and learn from children — to trust their hearts and their inspiration. If we do this, we will have children who will believe in themselves and can create a better world.

And as you can see, they already are changing the world.

We must begin to see life as a child sees it — no judgments, no opinions, no limiting beliefs, where all our thoughts are pure and in the moment. I call this Zero Frequency®, which is where we must all strive to be. Children already have this connection; they see life with that color and freedom from which we have slowly been moving away.

When you were a child, your thoughts were limitless because you were living naturally at Zero Frequency®. Your connection to the universe was pure and direct. You were free to be who you were. But then, as you grew older, you began to internalize other people’s opinions, negative experiences and ideas, and your own painful experiences. Over time, you became conditioned to believe in your limitations. You stopped believing in yourself and lost your magic. You lost your passport to the state of Zero Frequency®.

Now is our time to get back to that same frequency.

On this beautiful day, let’s not only celebrate our youth but also let’s imitate them by, once again, believing in our own dreams — that magical and wonderous place in our hearts where anything is possible.

Let’s return to Zero.

With Love,

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