Let´s honour our children

Let´s honour our children
Published: November 20, 2019

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” — Nelson Mandela

United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

It is a beautiful and symbolic day that we should welcome with open hearts. It is a call to action for us all — to celebrate our children, build their confidence, nurture their spirits, and allow them to turn our world’s darkest moments and most profound challenges into light and hope.

Make no mistake about it; our children are ambassadors and the lights for a better tomorrow. They hold the future in their hands.

As adults, it is our job to keep their lights burning bright so that they might realize their potential and become who they were meant to become — hopefully in service to a better world.

How do we do this?

Well, of course, we feed and nourish them, protect them, educate them, teach them right from wrong. But, more than that, we need to love them and allow them to be who they are — free, innocent, playful, limitless, and unafraid. We need to let them soar, not as we think they should soar, but as their hearts want them to soar.

And in doing so, we will hopefully let ourselves soar as well. Because here is the great secret about children, something we often forget — our children are also our greatest teachers.

Children are often closer to God and truth than we are. They come to life with an innocent heart and trust their own wisdom. They know how to love and forgive easily. When two kids have a problem, five minutes later, they are playing together. They let go of their conflict, start again, and move on to the important work of the day — playing and enjoying life! When you forgive easily (like children do), you get back to Zero Frequency® easily. And when we are at Zero, everything is possible. At Zero, we are children again; we are open, flexible, and curious, and we don’t have resentments, worries, or expectations.

But, if we are to learn from our children, we must let go of our egos and the mind traps that let us falsely believe we know more than they do. We must watch a child and remember that what we see is who we are. We have simply forgotten.

Ultimately, a child’s world is magical because there is no resistance to life, no obsessing over detail, no worrying about the past or the future. There is only the present moment, which is the source of all our joy, love, and wisdom. This is a child’s gift. It is their lesson to us all!

And if we really want to honor our children, I could find no better way than by honoring and welcoming the child within us all.


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