New year, new habits 🙌

New year, new habits 🙌
Published: December 31, 2019

We are just a few hours away from starting a new decade.

What were you thinking about 10 years ago? What did you do differently this past decade to be the best version of yourself?

What are you thinking about this new year and new decade?

Don’t judge yourself by what you didn’t do or would have liked to do differently. This is a great time to let go of the past and start a lightest year.

You know I don’t promote New Year’s resolutions. I assure you, God has better ideas and plans for you.

Most of the time people make them but they don’t follow them or fulfill them and they end up feeling bad or punishing themselves for that.

Instead of thinking about New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself: What will I do differently this coming year?

Studies show that changing habits, no matter how small, allows us to get out of the routine and become an engine for innovation.

I just read that mental habits are associated with the breathing pattern. That if you change the breathing pattern, the mind will change instantly.

Try this: When you want to absorb something, start inhaling; when you want to get rid of something, start exhaling. Release with a deep exhalation every time you realize something you’re doing or thinking won’t help you be happy and at peace.

Remember: Happiness is not the harvest we collect when our dreams come true, it is more like a fertilizer that is needed to make those dreams manifest.

What bad habits do you want to leave in 2019? What new habits can help you bring more peace, happiness, and abundance to your life in this New Year, in this new decade?

You can do it. Breathe, relax and let go.

In this new decade, choose to be happy.

With love,


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