Overcome the fear of death with Ho'oponopono 💫

Overcome the fear of death with Ho'oponopono 💫
Published: March 20, 2020

I probably don’t need to tell you about the crazy times we’re living in, but I will tell you this, our biggest enemy is not the Coronavirus, it is the fear and anxiety that goes along with that virus. It’s fear of the unknown, and yes, death.

Death is our biggest fear, and it is a fear which prevents us from finding peace, joy, and the full and abundant life we deserve. I am here with a simple message: we must overcome our fears before they infect our body and spirit, then spread to those around us. Fear is the real virus. And we’d be wise to remember that fear can only live in darkness.

But, worry not, because in this week’s illuminating Q&A, I am going to put a spotlight on the fear of death, so that we may once again come out of the dark and rejoice in the beauty and magic of life.

Remember, the entire world is made up of only two things: energy and matter. In physics, we learn that neither matter nor energy (the only two realities known to man) can be created nor destroyed. It is simple science, but with an important spiritual lesson for us all: we are not our bodies. We can be transformed but never destroyed.

And if neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, life cannot be destroyed. In other words, death is not the end, but a transition to a new beginning, where we will transform from caterpillars into the butterfly’s we always were—eternal sparks of Divinity, one with the Universe.

Join me for this month’s Q&A and let me help you come face to face with your fears so that you may see them as the great illusions they are. Let me help you overcome your fear of all the unknowns in your life, especially death, so that we may, once again, begin to live life deeply and with all the love it deserves.

All your fears need is a little light!

With love,


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