Do you come to Mt. Shasta with me?

Do you come to Mt. Shasta with me?
Published: June 26, 2020

There are special places where we achieve a greater connection with the original Source. In these places, it is easier, because we flow more easily in our opening to the All.

This time, from July 5th to 9th, 2020, I want to invite you to embark on an adventure of the soul to Mount Shasta. It is a very important call during these times that we are living and I thought it is important to share it with you. Now you may experience everything that this magical place has to share with us today.

It is with great pleasure, I’m happy to announce this awakening event which will be broadcasted from Mount Shasta, so that we can deepen our work of elevation on the planet. This is our time, and it is important to be open to receive.

Those who have already participated in some of the past trips with me, know that these trips break structures and are a before and after. We will also have the very powerful channeling and meditations of Ashlyn y Maykert.

This is where the magic begins. Open yourself to the beautiful gifts that the universe offers you. Clean, heal and grow… and everything from the comfort of your home.

In these videos you will receive inspiration, tools and much more material that will help you attract more peace, happiness and abundance to your life.

Are you coming with me?

We will let you know every time we upload new content.
You will be able to watch the recordings whenever it is convenient for you.

Reserve your place by June 30th and save.

Connect with the infinite wisdom that dwells in the light vortex of Mount Shasta:

  • Recognize the greatness of your spirit.
  • Claim your freedom.
  • Activate your transformation and ascension.
  • It potentiates the energy of love.

Get your access to Mount Shasta Virtual Virtual Journey for life by clicking here.

This is a gift for you and the planet.

With love


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