Freedom is to be yourself

Freedom is to be yourself
Published: July 28, 2020

People ask me all the time, “Mabel, how do I create an abundant life? How do I bring good relationships into my life, or a career I care about, a larger bank account, more love, joy, happiness, and peace? Of course, you know I have many answers. But there is one you might not have heard before. It is this: You must bring more freedom into your life.

When you hear the word freedom, you might think of our civil liberties—the freedom to act, speak, or worship as we want. The freedom to be who we are, live as we want, believe as we choose to believe, regardless of color, race, sex, or political ideology. And, yes, that is part of what freedom stands for. But freedom is so much more. In fact, freedom is the secret pathway to a new life and all you will ever want or need. And I’m going to share this secret with you in this month’s Q&A:

You’ll learn that real freedom is knowing how to surrender and let go of the past and the future, thus allowing you to live in the present moment, the only place to truly create our lives.

You’ll learn that real freedom is realizing that we are not our bodies, but part of the Divine Spirit—eternal and infinitely powerful.

You’ll learn that real freedom is about awakening to consciousnesses—choosing how to think, act, and view the world. You’ll learn that freedom is perception.

And, finally, you’ll learn that freedom in itself has no meaning unless it’s freedom in the pursuit of a creative path—freedom to sculpt, dance, create music or art; freedom to choose our relationships, or start a new business or change careers. In short, the freedom to create the life we want to live.

You see, my friends, we must first understand what makes us free, and then we must do something with our freedom.

I hope you will join me on this wonderful journey. Discover for yourself the beauty of being free.

With love,


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Let’s trust
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