Find your purpose in life

Find your purpose in life
Published: August 18, 2020

Deep in your heart, you know the truth! There is more to life than what you’re currently living. More to experience. More to give and to receive. More love, peace, and abundance.

Now you know, this deeper and richer life is getting closer. You can almost see it. Touch it.

If you could only find a way to make this life a reality!

Well, breathe deep and put a smile on your face, my friend. There is a way. It’s called returning to Zero®, a journey back to who you truly are—inspired, intuitive, authentic, and powerful beyond measure. My exclusive, three-part Zero Frequency® Your Natural Condition will guide you on this journey back to your true identity, helping you bring your dreams to life so that you can share your special gift with the world.

In this well-timed workshop, you will learn the power of Zero as a pathway to helping you not only survive the changing and chaotic times we’re facing but to thrive in them.

This three-part Zero Frequency® Webinar series will open the door to a new life. And I will tell you why. Have you heard of DISC Profiles? It is an amazing tool that gave so much clarity about myself, my purpose, and my relationship with others.

Sandra Davis is a DISC profile expert and she will be joining in this 3-part webinar and will be able to show you:

  • How to read a DISC graph and what it says about your strengths, preferences, and the gift and talents you bring to other people.
  • The reasons why you do what you do based on the needs and emotions of your Style.
  • What others see the minute you walk in the room. Suddenly events and relationships from your past will take on a whole new meaning.
  • How to quickly “read” people’s style to help you better understand everyone you meet and how to communicate effectively using THEIR language and motivators. You will wonder why you never paid attention to it before!
  • How to make and master any behavioral change you want through the understanding of how to apply Character Virtue Strengths (Human Qualities) for adapting your behavior.
  • Why you do not have to DO anything to BE who you really are – and love it in the process.

Discover YOU and go back to Zero NOW. Participate from ANYWHERE in the World.

You can buy it before August 19 to take advantage of this amazing offer. Only $75 and includes the 3 classes and your personalized DISC Profile ($35 value). Plus, you have access to your profile as soon as you sign up! Check out a sample here.

Don’t wait and enroll NOWYour registration includes your Disc Personal Style Report, a tool that I am sure will give you great insights about the gifts that you bring to the world, providing you with more clarity, confidence to be YOU in all your relationships.

With love,


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