It is important you change your way of thinking

It is important you change your way of thinking
Published: August 25, 2020

As a college graduate and CPA with a long career in accounting, I have always been a strong advocate for using our minds to solve problems. The mind is a marvelous piece of human machinery. But here is the truth we must remember: the mind can only take us so far.

In fact, the mind can often be limiting and hold us back from solving our problems and even realizing our dreams. Ask yourself, why don’t you have the life you want? Could it be that your old way of thinking is outdated and creating a roadblock for all you hope to achieve? We need to become conscious and pay close attention to how our thinking affects the life we’re leading.

Fortunately, in this month’s Q&A, we will reimagine a whole new approach to the way we think and solve problems. In today’s complex world, I can’t think of a more important topic.

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We will use this Q&A to challenge the old familiar ways in which we use the mind to “think our way out of a problem.” I will show you how to replace outdated thinking with a bold new approach. We will learn that “new thinking” is less about using the mind and more about the state of consciousness from which we use the mind. This “new thinking” begins with un-learning and ridding ourselves of the negative programming that corrupts our thoughts—our old beliefs and tapes, and all the fear and limitations that we have held onto for so long. You will learn how to think with an open heart, eyes, and ears, and with curiosity and a beginner’s mind.

I will also show you how to use the state of Zero to access your intuitive self so that the mind becomes a tool of your spirit. Remember, the mind (and our thinking) is only as powerful and clear as we are.

New Thinking = New You.

See you on the call.

With love,


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