Choose Freedom over Slavery

Choose Freedom over Slavery
Published: November 23, 2020

There is a lot of upheaval and discord in the world today—people on opposite ends of the political and social spectrum. And where there is discord, there is also fighting—mostly in the name of freedom.

The fact is, most of the world’s conflicts come down to one group fighting another for their freedom—the freedom to say what you want, come and go as you please, worship, vote, and gather as you desire. The freedom to live without war, aggression, or hatred. The freedom to live a peaceful and happy life.

Of course, as controversial as this may sound—we are already free. Or I should add, we are free the moment we choose to be free. Yes, my friend, we must choose freedom for ourselves.

And I know what you’re thinking. Freedom isn’t a choice. Who in their right mind wouldn’t choose freedom, especially when the opposite of freedom is bondage, imprisonment, and slavery? Nobody chooses to be a slave. And logically speaking, you’re right.

The truth is: real freedom has nothing to do with the outside world. It is not political, economic, or even religious. Those are all products of the outside world (from which our Spirit does not belong). Freedom, as defined by the world, is not in our hands. And that which is not in our hands cannot be called true freedom. Like the great prophet, Osho once said, “True freedom is always spiritual. It has something to do with your innermost being, which cannot be chained, which cannot be handcuffed, which cannot be put into jail. Yes, your body can suffer all these things, but your soul is intrinsically free.”

To face the turbulent times we’re living in today, we must choose real freedom, and learn how to embrace this freedom as a pathway to a happier and more meaningful life. Join me in this month’s special Q&A as we discover the power that comes when we choose true freedom.

In this liberating Q&A, you will discover how to embrace freedom as a pathway for living your truths by the laws of the Divine Spirit. You will see that the first step to lasting freedom is realizing we are not our bodies, our intellects, or even our political and cultural backgrounds. Yes, we can honor and appreciate these earthly parts of ourselves, but we must do so with the acknowledgment that they are all products of the physical world (of which we are temporary visitors). To truly be free, we must not allow ourselves to unconsciously become slaves (under control) of our mind, past, ego, or fears. We must learn to live in the eye of the hurricane— aware of the challenges the world surrounds us with—but always peaceful and free on the inside. If you allow me, I will show you how.

I will show you how your body can live (and even suffer) in the physical world, while your Soul will always remain free—free to accept, forgive, and let go. Free to love.

And, once free from the shackles and illusions of life, you will return to Zero, where you will discover who you are in the fabric of Infinity. Join me as we unlock the secrets to True Freedom.

I’ve got the keys.


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