Give lots of love today and always

Give lots of love today and always
Published: February 15, 2021

Friendship is one of those giant bonds that accompany us throughout our lives, and when it’s true friendship, it allows us to be ourselves, without filters or lies. That hug at the right time, that look at the perfect moment, and every corner of memories that we keep with very special emotion; are part of the great treasure of having a friend and honoring them.

Your inner child is also your friend. It’s a small as well as a giant being, that can rescue you when your intellect robs you of the present time, and it sighs to you minute by minute so that you can believe that nothing bad is going to happen. You can always seek this eternal friend and find refuge in him/her, and in that look, you’ll know it’s worth taking a deep breath and enjoying every second of this wonderful gift that is life.

Whatever path of friendship you choose, don’t forget you’re not alone, and that you walk hand in hand with a Major Force; a powerful energy that it’s greater and superior to the one your intellect can show you. This impulse will take you far if you close your eyes and let yourself be guided, on a journey of happiness, love and friendship.

What is Love to you?

Thank you for showing up in my life.

Happy Day of Love and Friendship!

With love,

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