Is your life perfect?

Is your life perfect?
Published: February 22, 2021

When was the last time you stared up at a sky full of stars and contemplated the deep questions of the Universe—who am I, how did I get here, and where will I go when I shed my earthly body? And, for that matter, why am I here in the first place?

They’re challenging questions, even more, when there are so much pain and suffering in our world. It’s easy to feel like we’re bumper cars—pushed and shoved at the whim of fate and providence. It’s hard to imagine there is an order in the Universe or that our world is a spiritual temple.

I’m here to tell you it is, my friend. Our world is a beautifully choreographed spiritual temple that provides all the wisdom we need to discover who we are so that we may return to our Divinity.

We need only remember (to repeat one of the famous quotes): “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

And once we understand this truth, the Universe will reveal two of its greatest truths: 1. Our world is a spiritual classroom, and 2. Our world is perfect—everything is as it should be.

More than that, we have each chosen our own “worldly perfection” so that we can use our earthly experiences to expand our consciousness and realize our Divinity. Understand these truths and you’re halfway home!

Of course, it takes a brave Soul to look for answers that will reveal this perfection. It takes boldness of spirit, an open heart, and the willingness to journey back to who you are. If that’s you—and you’re ready—this month’s special Q&A is perfect for you!

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I realize in a (seemingly) flawed world, accepting perfection isn’t always easy. Our Earth was built to keep us (and our ego) looking downward, focused on the challenges in front of our noses instead of the riches waiting behind those challenges.

To see perfection in the world, we must look beyond appearances—what we can see, feel, hear, and touch. We have to recognize truth, which requires us to move beyond the mind, fear, and ego, and begin living in the states of higher consciousness.

In this special Q&A, I will show you how to overcome the illusions of this earthly world so you can see the perfections of the Divine world. Once you understand how you have already chosen your present life situations (for the evolution of your spiritual awakening), you will begin to see that life is not random at all but, instead, a carefully orchestrated symphony. And you are the conductor.

Realize this, and you will also know how powerful you are to change your circumstances. It’s time to see your world as the perfect miracle it is. I promise you this: it will empower you beyond your wildest imagination. After all, you’re still the conductor!

Join me for this special event. Let us celebrate just how perfect you are.


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