Saying Thank You For Water (And Life)

Saying Thank You For Water (And Life)
Published: March 20, 2021

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” — Lao Tzu


If you live in a first-world country, you probably don’t think much about water. It’s something thats always there, and there’s plenty of it. Americans alone drink 110 million gallons of water every day and consume 3.9 trillion gallons per month. A toilet? It just flushes. Unfortunately, a good portion of the planet isn’t that lucky. In fact, 844 million people lack basic drinking water access. That’s more than 1 of every 10 on the planet. And every day, more than 800 children under age 5 die from diarrhea attributed to poor water and sanitation. And it’s only getting worse, and not just for third-world countries.

So, what will the world do? And, for that matter, is it too late? The United Nations will address the issue of the global water crisis on March 22 — World Water Day. And while the day is set aside to find creative ways to protect this vital resource, they are also asking for us all to stop and think about what water means to us — what’s its true value. And, of course, you could logically ask, what good will that do? How is thinking about water going to fill up an empty well in Africa or end a drought in Australia?

Spiritually speaking (and practically, too), I believe thinking about water is a beautiful first step. It’s a call to become more conscious — a gentle reminder that thinking (done right) is really about choosing where to put our attention. And our attention is where all change begins.

In Ho’oponopono, this ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving, we use a glass of water to transmute and erase toxic and hurtful memories, so water helps us to set ourselves free. Same with the blue solar water we prepare with a blue glass bottle that works scanning us looking for those limiting thoughts that could be on our way to attracting whatever is right and perfect for us, effortlessly.

As for me, I choose to continue to look at water with wonder and awe, and the profound recognition that there is nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. Although it provides no calories or organic nutrients, water is the centerpiece of all life. And not just because we use it to cook, clean, and wash, but because it regulates body temperature, protects body organs tissues, and carries nutrients and oxygens to cells. I choose to say thank you for the miracle of water and the gift of life it brings. I hope you agree and will join me.

And like any gift from the Universe, I hope we will all honor this gift by using it wisely and with deep gratitude. May we also honor the gift by sharing it with all of humanity — remembering that what we do for ourselves, affects others.

And as we strive for a happier and more fulfilling life, I believe we can draw a lot of inspiration from water. Water is symbolic of flow, strength, and flexibility. It is as powerful as it is cleansing.

So, let us think of water every chance we get, whether we are staring out at the beautiful ocean or brushing our teeth. And, while we’re at it, next time we pick up a glass of water, may we raise it to the sky and toast the Universe with thanks for the gift of water and life.


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