Ho'oponopono in Cairo

Ho'oponopono in Cairo
Published: May 22, 2021

I am very happy to announce that on Friday, May 28th I will present, for the first time, my Ho’oponopono seminar — The Easiest Way to Live, in the city of Cairo.

Yes, my first Ho’oponopono seminar in Cairo!

Of course, it’s an incredible and very powerful opportunity. As you know, Ho’oponopono trainings are for the soul, not the intellect. I always tell people that there’s a lot that’s erased during these seminars. It’s really a blessing to be able to participate.

Many of you know how much is erased in the seminar, preparing and cleaning before, during, and after. It would take us many lifetimes to erase what is erased when we attend a seminar, even when we take it in absentee.

Egypt awaits us with many blessings. It is time to choose to let go instead of trying to be right, to allow another part of ourselves that is wiser (inspiration) to appear in our lives and guide us so that we can be in the right time and place, with the right people.

As you know, cleaning starts from the day you sign up.

This seminar will help you let go of anything it is not your true self, so you can find the peace and strength you need to be at your center and endure difficult times. So important during these times we are living!

Our cleaning is much needed for our inner peace, and also for the peace of the world. By accepting and loving ourselves, we may be able to accept and love others.

Dare yourself and join in person or in absence, to my seminar in Cairo to clean together with Ho’oponopono!

Remember, when you change, everything changes.


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