Are you ready to teach through music?

Are you ready to teach through music?
Published: June 4, 2021

Have you ever thought about using music as a tool to uplift the spirit of your child? Certainly, the world could use a little more music, and what a better place to start than with the song that already lives in your child’s heart.

I am proud to host multi-award-winning composer, producer, and author Barry Goldstein for a two-hour Heart Opening Musical Experience and Workshop on Saturday, July 10th at 12 pm (Pacific Time).

In this Musical Workshop for Parents and Teachers (and the children they serve) you will also learn how you can use music to calm the mind, empower the heart, and express the joy and imagination of Soul.

And you’ll do it all in a highly engaging, safe, experiential musical extravaganza!

This must-attend workshop is for parents, teachers, and children too!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Zero Frequency Workshop if you didn’t use musical transformation to help your child transmute challenges into opportunities.

In this Conscious Parenting Musical Workshop, your child/student will also learn to seamlessly integrate practical skills for:

  • Appreciating who they really are
  • Releasing what is not them
  • Creating with their thoughts
  • Believing in themselves
  • Trusting in their heart, their intuition, their inspiration
  • Letting go of the programming that allowed others to determine who they are
  • Know that problems are one step away from freedom
  • Make problems and “bad energy” disappear simply by saying “Thank You”

Register TODAY for this musical celebration, and help your child (and yourself) use music as a pathway to creative and joyous transformation.

If you cannot be LIVE with us, you will receive the recording.

You deserve to be happy!

With love,

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