Agua Solar Azul

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Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Talks About How Blue Solar Water Works

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How Ho'oponopono Works with Relationships

A year ago, I reached a point that I could not understand my wife. It was hard to make agreements, even to define the type of Pizza to buy for dinner. At that moment I knew that I needed help. Without wasting time, I contacted a friend in Nicaragua who had experience working with couples. I emailed her asking the following question: “What technique can I use to understand my wife? I need to be coached before I loose my patience; how much will you charge for phone or e-mail consultations?” She responded to my e-mail... Continue Reading →

How to Prepare Blue Solar Water

How to Prepare Blue Solar Water

Tune in with Mabel to find out how to prepare Solar Water. 1) Find a blue glass bottle (light or dark). 2) Fill the bottle with the water of your choice and cover it with a non-metallic lid (cork, plastic, etc.). 3) Place the bottle in the sun for at least an hour. 4) When finished, your blue Solar Water can be stored in the refrigerator in any container, glass, or plastic. Share in Read More →

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