Ho'oponopono and earth, our school

Ho'oponopono and earth, our school

I hope you are doing great. I’m working on many projects. I feel it’s time for changes and renovations.Many opportunities to clean, of course. Doesn’t it feel like everything is coming out to the surface at the same time? As I always say, it is imperative we awaken and stay more conscious and present. We need to remember that everything is a memory playing and that we have the power to transform our lives and set ourselves free if we take 100% responsibility. You have free will, so you can also choose to keep... Continue Reading →

We appreciate you and say thank you mother earth

We appreciate you and say  thank you mother earth

We may not always be aware of it, but we are living out in space.  We live on a planet that is just hanging in space. We are on a spaceship called Earth. This is really profound, and it is important that we have this self-awareness. When I watched this video it really hit me. To look at Mother Earth is indeed an overwhelming and magnificent experience. The Earth is a beautiful, dynamic and alive place to be living in. Please look at her and admire her glow. See her shadows and light (days and nights), and her colors.... Continue Reading →

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