A prison experience to "Discover prosperity within" tomorrow

A prison experience to

When I presented Ho’oponopono in a prison in Argentina, one of the inmates shared a story about a near death experience. He told me that he was taken to a hospital with his gallbladder punctured by a bullet and having no heart beat. He was considered dead.  Then all he remembered was that he woke up and there was a policeman next to him that told him: “You have another opportunity now, you can make different choices, it is all up to you.” He recovered and survived to tell this story. Then he told me that everything... Continue Reading →

Do we really want peace?

Do we really want peace?

Do we really want peace? After my successful presentation with the inmates in the prison in Mexico last month, I was looking forward to continue visiting them every now and then, but when I arrived in Mexico this time, I was shocked when I learned that they didn’t want anyone else to talk to them. Their argument was, that the inmates were “too quiet” and they feared they were planning something. The truth is that I found it hard to believe, but then I realized that the fact is we mistrust peace. We are even uncomfortable.... Continue Reading →

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