Maluhia the happy city

Book | | Mabel Katz | world peace ambassadorThe people from the beautiful seaside city of Maluhia know the secrets of being happy, healthy, and peaceful. And now, thousands of tourists are flocking towards the island to find out how they can live that way, too. Little do they know; the answer is simple. It’s also right in front of their noses.

In twenty-six charming stories, you will find messages that shine brightly and awaken greater awareness in readers who are young and old. These stories create a vision of how the world can truly become a happier and more peaceful place to live. They also convey how important it is to support our children’s positive imagination and beliefs, and allow them to be themselves so that they will go on to create a better world for all of us.

Maluhia is a wonderful place where children and adults will want to visit again and again to remind themselves that they can be happier. If you come often enough, you just might find yourself living in a paradise of your own.

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Thank you, God, for putting the book Maluhia in my hands, I loved it. I am deeply grateful to have found "the easy way" to be connected with you, and to solve my problems. Thanks Mabel, for the book, it is a beautiful way to continue learning more, about Ho'oponopono. I ask God to be able to live on Earth in the same way as in Maluhia".

~Beatriz, Spainh

"A million thanks Mabel for the gifts I received. I've had the book "The Easiest Way to Live" for a while. I love it!!! Maluhia is so mind-blowing!!!!!!!! I don't know what happened to me that I got goosebumps and tears were falling down; and I smiled at the same time as I read it. It took me to be in a magical place, as if I lived in it, it was nothing new, I don't know how to explain it. I get more and more excited about ho'oponopono and amazing things happen to me. And it makes me feel a lot of peace, and that creates a state of happiness. Thank you for existing" 

~Sara, Spain

My Reflections on Ho’oponopono

Book | | Mabel Katz | world peace ambassadorMuch of this book is based on my practicing and teaching of Ho’oponopono, and experiences accumulated during almost twelve years spent with my mentor, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len. The remaining content is based on my own life experiences: first as a mother, accountant, business consultant and tax specialist in the United States, and then as an author, lecturer, peace ambassador, and seminar leader throughout the world. This book has been created from a selection of many articles I've written over the years, which have been given discursive coherence.

In this book, I share my experiences through practical stories and topics that concern and affect us all. I also illustrate the incredible way Ho’oponopono has definitely turned out to be the easiest and most efficient path for me.

In addition to the variety of topics, such as relationships, money, death, diet, depression, peace and children, the book offers an explanation of the core concepts of Ho’oponopono.

Available in HungarianSpanish, and Portuguese. MORE DETAILS

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You can Read some Reviews here:

Hello Mabel, I don’t know if you’ll remember me, my name is Claudia and we met at your seminar in Miami, I’m also a member of the forum.

Now I’m enjoying some days on the beach with my family and I wanted to thank you for your new book “My reflections on Ho’oponopono,” although I haven’t finished, I will read as I am able and even though I’m only halfway through, it has helped me to be present, to better understand the practice and to be more at peace. In this precise moment I am enjoying the beach and the waves of the ocean that are like the cleaning tool of your phone application.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you share. God bless you, your family, relatives and ancestors, With infinite love,

PD: I’m sharing a photo of your book on the beach

~ Claudia, USA

I read Mabel Katz' s book "My Reflections about Ho'oponopono." I read it many times and read parts of it every day. Now I confront my obstacles much more confident, more sure of myself. Now I know there are always solutions to all my problems because I am full of positive energy. This energy betters my attitude and my future comings. Thank you. I am very grateful for that.

~ Zsike Szilagyi, Hungary

The Easiest Way Special Edition

The Easiest Way Special EditionWhat was easy just got easier with the Special Edition of the book that started it all, The Easiest Way, now including this special bonus, The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, answers the what, where, when and why about cleaning. Cleaning is simply erasing your memories and bringing you back to zero, so that Inspiration (God, Love) can guide you.

The Easiest Way gives refreshing options for resolving problems and teaches us how problems become problems, and the easiest and quickest way to solve them. It answers questions about life’s expectations, as it directly deals with such issues as faith, money, fear, and love.

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You will find The Easiest Way Special Edition translated, published and available in bookstores in the following Countries: Canada (French version), Romania, Italy, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Korea, Bulgary, Croatia and Serbia.

Also available in Digital format in Hungarian & Croatian

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Problems, be they spiritual, mental, physical, financial or material, are simply memories replaying in the subconscious mind. The beauty and simplicity of Self Identity through Ho'oponopono is its ability to erase memories and to replace them with inspirations for perfect living.

In The Easiest Way, Mabel Katz tells her story about rediscovering her Identity and freedom through applying Self Identity through Ho'oponopono in all areas of her life. All who read her book will find gems of wisdom that will allow them to discover for themselves their own Identity and freedom. Peace of I,  

~ Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D

The Easiest Way,"This is the clearest explanation of Ho´oponopono I´ve ever seen”.

 ~ Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor

Dear Mabel! I heard about Ho’oponopono 4 years ago, through a book that a friend sent via Internet. I have to tell you, when a difficult situation comes, I let it go and let GOD, as you teach, it’s that easy. I have already read your two books "The Easiest Way" and "The Easiest Way to Live". They are amazing and I always learn something new every time I read them. I have recovered from a severe pain I had, simply by touching where it hurt and saying "I LOVE YOU". I learned to say “Thank You”, to every cell on my body. I have to tell you my dear friend, it works! I talk to my inner child all the time. We enjoy being together, because now I know what she likes the most. I’m trusting in the DIVINE POWER to see you in Bogotá, because I live in Cali, Colombia. I've learned to take 100% RESPONSIBILITY and letting go became easier. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU! ALOHA.

~ Carmen, Colombia

Dear Mabel Katz, I read your book The Easiest Way and I want to say THANK YOU you changed my life, not only you, Dr. Hew Len too because first I read his book Zero Limits and then I found you on the internet and bought your book. It's really fantastic and now I can say that I understand life. Have a nice time. Your big fan

~ Nikolas, Czech Rep.

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Now, **The Easiest Way Pocket Edition**.


Other books from Mabel

The Easiest Way to Live Book

The Easiest Way to Live

Let go of the past, live in the present and change your life forever

The Easiest Way to Live is about finding your courage, following your passion, letting go of what is not you, learning to trust in yourself, walking in faith and living everyday with gratitude.

Are you ready to find the keys to becoming your true self, being in harmony with life and pure in heart, which is a state of essential clarity? You will discover that most of the challenges you face are caused by past patterns and memories that keep replaying in your subconscious and that you are an obstacle in your own life. You will find that the problems are really blessings in disguise and taking 100% responsibility is The Easiest Way to Live. If you attracted them, you are the one that can change them.

This book is based on the ancient secrets of Ho'oponopono. The author gives you the knowing and a very practical application, so you can set yourself free, be at peace no matter what is going on around you, and happy for no reason.

Preface by Dr Ihaleakalá Hew Len READ HERE

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You will find The Easiest Way to Live translated, published and available in bookstores in the following Countries: Canada (French version), Romania, Italy, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Korea.

Also available in Digital format in Hungarian & Croatian

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Hi Mabel,

I'm 20 years old. I’m writing from Valencia, Spain. I’m very excited, but above all very thankful. My mother is a big admirer of yours, she attended your seminar in Madrid and I can assure it was one of the most amazing things that ever happened to her. It is her who taught me the art of Ho’oponopono.

The Easiest Way to Live is a wonderful book. It taught me to see things in a different way, from the perspective we refuse to see. I can truly say I am happier and at peace, with myself and those around me. Every day I do my best to accomplish everything you say in order to improve, to connect with Divinity; To let go of memories from the past that sometimes follow me and leave me blank (others black), and to start living in the moment!

I’m sharing a selfie I took with the bright sun, it shines through the Valencian lands. I was enjoying your book and learning to change my life for the better.

I can only say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU

With love,

~Alejandra – Spain


Dear Klára,

I would like to share what has happened to me since I heard about the Ho’oponopono and read the book Easiest Way of Life and in addition, I would like to render my thanks.

I had been working in the world of finances, I had been making a rush for money. Though I was successful, I never had time for anything, and a baby sitter looked after my children. Suddenly, my life collapsed, we suffered  enormous loss at the stock-exchange, even my marriage went that. My state was beyond hope. At this time I somehow ran into Bella Bagdi’s song and not long after the book fell into my hands at a bookshop. Soon I started the process of purification although at that time I didn’t really understand what the whole thing was all about.

After a year my marriage was restored, we are happier than ever before. However, I still wasn’t able to find anything inspirational in my work, I couldn’t do my job with passion. Last September I was just sitting at home and was trying to find what that may be. I read the book and I was just strolling about with the book in my hands as there was a part that I could not understand. In the world of business setting the aims, “never give up”, and the Law of attraction were hammered into our head, but the book wasn’t the same. I needed a couple of days to realise that I do not get what I want but what I am. I found out that I can only have disposal of the present moment and that I am responsible for everything happening to me. Finally I could discover that the Law of attraction is not about having a look at the  car, house or journey on my target  but about what I exude. About what my attraction point is like! It’s about what I feel at the moment and how much time I can spend in vibes accordant to my wishes. So I picked the  photos off the wall, I purified my thoughts and changed my way of thinking. By the time the course was held last November, I exactly knew what I wanted. As a hobby, I have been engaged in oriental therapeutics for a long time; therefore I chose health and herbs. I make infusion of herbs and other natural tinctures with joy and zest – and I am really very happy and delighted. After the course, my inner child did not choose the name Keola, but did so my herbs. I have set up a product line with this name and people consume and love my products. I get many questions on every type of problems (not only on health matters) and I can truly recommend the Ho’oponopono method, the books and the course to everyone.

I would like to express my thanks to you and to Mabel.

Thank you!

With love

~Anikó Lévai

I finished reading what you sent me for free,  I want to thank you a lot for helping me to put in words and in order what I always  have been feeling but I didn’t know how to express it!!! It amazes me your clarity to put into words how simple life could be. Again , thank you and I wish I could have the opportunity to meet you some day.

~ Dora, Miami

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The Easiest Way to Grow Book

For the first time, a book for children 3 to 100 years old based on Ho'oponopono

The Easiest Way to Grow

Messages You Will Be Glad to Know

In this inspirational message book plus 15 videos and 32 special audios, read-along audio and videos, we learn the simple truths that show children how to hold on to their true essence as well as remain "pure at heart."

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Make a difference in a child's life!

Re-mind and Re-program your Subconscious NOW

You will find The Easiest Way to Grow translated, published and available in bookstores in the following Countries: Japan, Czech Republic, Hungary, India (Kannada version)

They just released the book of Mabel Katz, The Easiest Way to Grow. The book is an invitation from a generous spiritual Master who walked her own path of self-development. In her message to the younger generation, Mabel Katz shares her vision and talent of creating an easy and happy life.

The sooner this knowledge is used by young people in their lives, the more abundantly their future will unfold. Children will enjoy not only reading the book, but the illustrations, and especially Mabel's loving and nurturing voice in the audio CD that comes with the book.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to both adults and children, because Ho'oponopono has no age differences or any other boundaries. Ho'oponopono works for everyone!

Peace Be With You!

~ Nata, Life-coach, Russia

Aloha everyone!

I received my copy of Mabel's "Easiest Way to Live & Easiest Way to Grow" books this week!

The day it came, I was inspired to read a little of TEWTL before bed and place it under my pillow as I slept.

I didn't sleep much that night, but when I got up the next morning I felt more rested than I have been in a very long time!

Also, I have been receiving inner "knowings" about certain situations that the time is perfect to act.

I had no expectations when I put the book under my pillow.

The energies from the book are good for me right now.  My inner child is so very happy too. May she's reading it? I don't know. I don't need to know.

Thank you, Thank you

Peace of I

~ Gloria, USA

From the moment my daughter Angelica could speak, my wife and I taught her the Ho’oponopono Mantra “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.”

Mabel’s book “The Easiest Way To Grow-Messages You Will Be Glad to Know”, was the most wonderful next step in learning about Spirit, and  explaining living a life using Ho’oponopono. The accompanying CD simplifies this wonderful message in a way that only Mabel Katz can do. I recommend it for all children. It has given my daughter a connection to the Divine, and the ability to learn through LOVE.

Peace, love, and music,

~ Mathew Dixon, USA

This is the best book I have purchased for my kids, without sounding fanatic. I recommend it from my heart, because I think this is one of the greatest inspirations Mabel got. Since I bought it, I play the CD for them every night with the volume low when they go to bed. One night I forgot and my 8-year old son asked me to put "the voice of that woman that talks like you, as I sleep much better and have no nightmares". Besides sleeping better, my kinds have changed incredibly, they are radiant, independent, have progressed in different areas of their personal development and in school, etc. Definitely this book and the audio CD have done an invaluable cleaning. Many many thanks to all and everyone that had made it possible to reach our hands today. It's like a hand of help directly from Divinity to parents, children and any adult. In fact, we the adults need the messages on this book more than the children as they are wiser. Thank you!!

~ Marikena, Czech Republic

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