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Engaging Your People for Greater Effectiveness

Workers discover how to obtain purpose & clarity so productivity & success rates naturally increase.

The foundation principles of the workshop are:

  • By deleting unconscious reactions that impact negatively on plans, goals, decisions and results, people automatically perform better in all ways.
  • By learning to establish peace of mind as something that can be accessed anytime, no matter what's going on around them, enables workers to see clearly what to do in any situation.
  • When these are naturally integrated in conscious and unconscious behavior, success is the inevitable outcome.

Mastering Yourself = Business Success

Each person has a "natural knowing" that reveals perfect practical solutions. We are trained to ignore it and invest our attention in external circumstances that distract us from it. We turn this around so the natural knowing, intuition and inspiration are the basis of our choices and actions.

Seminar participants become skilled at:

  • Taking themselves to "Dynamic Neutrality." Gaining clarity so they know how to produce ideal results.
  • Letting go of thinking "I know," to allow natural knowing to guide them.
  • Being open and flexible to receive ideal solutions through inspiration.
  • Resolving issues and dilemmas by knowing their reactions and taking responsibility (response-ability).
  • Mentally re-tuning themselves to release internal reactions that make life stressful.

Bringing Inner Qualities to Action for Success

Every person has powerful innate strengths. The trick is channeling them toward the best result.

Participants gain access to key qualities to create a cooperative working environment and co-worker synergy for significant positive impact on achieving objectives. They naturally integrate ways to activate these qualities.

Results include:

  • Profoundly Improved Problem Solving
  • Rock-solid Confidence
  • Accessible Peace of Mind
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Higher Productivity
  • Heightened Effectiveness
  • Crystal Clarity of Thought
  • Greater Simplicity in Making Tasks More Achievable
  • Strengthened Self-Assurance

Workers Can Set Themselves Free of Blocks to Productivity, Job Satisfaction, and Happiness

We have the equivalent of a delete key on a keyboard in our minds. We can use it to erase those programs stored in our computer bank (subconscious) that appear on the monitor of our minds, and result in our labeling things as tough problems, challenging people, or difficult situations.

The net result is that people learn to:

  • Be more effective and productive
  • Resolve problems in an easy way
  • Take 100% responsibility for solving problems
  • Solve problems by creating more time and space to succeed
  • Let go of expectations and be surprised by ideal outcomes
  • Use the power of mind to achieve clarity, purpose and self-motivation
  • Discover who they really are, their inherent talents and their purpose in life.
  • Let business tasks and life be easy by "letting it go" and getting out of their own way.

About Mabel Katz

Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar leader who enjoys great success with her audiences because she walks her talk. She has built a thriving entrepreneurial business serving clients large and small, guiding them, their employees and executives to greater achievement and effectiveness.

She is an acknowledged leader in the Los Angeles Latino Community, with numerous business and civics awards to her credit. She is a radio and TV personality in LA, hosting a television show that presents practical approaches to personal effectiveness and prosperity. In the midst of her busy work and travel schedule, Mabel found the time to write a book on the underlying principles she presents in her seminars.

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