Ho'oponopono - Children say I love you in Romania

hooponopono-childrenHo'oponopono - Let the Children Come to Me...

The little girl with the red dress in the picture to the left wrote and read to us during my class in Romania. The right bottom picture is the letter she wrote.

This is what the letter said: You should always say "thank you" and keep walking further. Leave everything behind. When you make a mistake, say I am sorry (I apologize), when you have problems say "thank you", when you love somebody say ''I love you''. Don't be upset, smile! HAPPINESS, I KISS YOU, I LOVE YOU. I am the I, the lights are shining above me. The past is past, the present is present, and the future will come. Sometimes it is very hard to ride out the stages of life, but you must advance. Don't forget your friend is God.

How touched I was by this child. I knew at that moment she really got it! When I shared with Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len about the wonderful experience doing the Ho'oponopono training with the kids in Romania, he reminded me what Jesus said: "Bring the children to me."

Designed by Regina Smola