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Three of the most powerful Q & A TeleWebCast ever, they will open your mind, your soul, and give you the answers that will unlock the secrets to Finding Your Passion, the perfect Relationships and attracting Money.

Finding Your Passion - Audio plus Transcript

In this Q & A Mabel gives you the tools to let go of what is not you and allow the real you to discover your passion.  If you find yourself lacking motivation or find yourself dreading your job, you probably are not living your passion.

To find your passion you must know the difference, for example think of a moment when someone praised you, accepted you or how you felt when you won a game, an argument or made it to the top, those are self-glorifications, self-promotions.  Those are worldly feelings.  Those worldly feelings are not natural.  These feelings were actually invented by society to make you controllable and to make you feel comfortable.  They produce thrills and excitement but afterwards the feeling of emptiness shows up.  This is not where inspiration will help you find your passion.  When you look at a sunset or sunrise, when you are in nature, in intimacy, when you are having a good time with friends, when you enjoy what you are doing and nobody is watching.  Imagine a job you love and would do even if you were not getting paid. Those are self-fulfilling.  Those are soul filling. That is what you really want to feel.

How do you find your passion? Where do you start? How do you find what is right and perfect for you? Opportunities are there ALL the time, you just don't see them. Let Mabel show you how to recognize opportunity and know the difference.  Learn how to let go of what you were programmed to believe, so you can allow inspiration and God to guide you to your true passion.

Relationships - Audio plus Transcript

Join in on this amazing opportunity to clean and get answers to important questions about relationships. Learn that the relationship with the Inner Child is the most important relationship you will ever have.  The Inner Child is where inspiration comes from and when you allow inspiration to guide you, you give your Inner Child and God the permission to attract what is right for you.  Who knows better then God what is right for you?

Awareness is curative and as you become more aware, you become more conscious so that you can keep discovering who you really are. You start seeing others as God sees them, instead of how you see them through your memories. If you're feeling unhappy, jealous or anxious, it's because of attachments.

Detachment will set you free, but your programs tell you exactly the opposite. They tell you that you need certain people or things in your life to be happy. So as soon as you find or attract one of these people or things, you get even more attached. When you set yourself free you will attract the right relationship and not the one your memories say you need.

Can I really expect miracles? How do I clean with rejection? Who am I saying sorry to? How can I see changes without talking to others? How do I strengthen my relationship with myself and my Inner Child? How do I attract the right relationships?  The answers will have you cleaning and letting go and letting God find the relationships that are right for you.

Money - Audio plus Transcript

This powerful opportunity to clean and get answers to questions about money teaches you, if you don't have money right now, it's because you are not willing to do what it takes.

Mabel shares about the victim mentality and blame game, when something goes wrong, you look for fault outside, it is your boss, or whatever it is, you are the victim.  You don’t dare to look within.  Take 100% responsibility and just clean. If you don’t have money right now, look within.  Look at yourself.  If you see yourself as a victim, you will attract poverty into your life.

Share with Mabel as she cleans for credit card debt and teaches you to let go, because God knows what your debts are, He knows your needs.  When you clean for debt you go back to being a child and learn to stop worrying. Worrying is resisting and resisting brings you more of what you don’t want.

Are you going to get out of the way and allow yourself to attract money and success? Maybe you are cleaning for something to happen or something not to happen, whatever it is, you let go.  When you are free and when you are at peace, when you are at that zero frequency, everything that is perfect comes effortlessly and miracles just happen!

Here you learn how to love your inner child, trust yourself, and let go, in an easy way.  Mabel gives you her simple proven techniques and tools that will have you making money, getting out of debt and enjoying success in all aspects of your life.


Here are some of the things people told us after the call:

From trying to make a living to making a life: Thank you. Thank you. I have always been a believer that when a door closes another opens, but throughout the hallway I had to go through this past year, job hunting and financially: I ended up suffering a lot, feeling so miserable, applying job after job, in all kinds of different areas, just to try to make ends meet. Interviews after interviews, and more and more disappointed, and hearing so much about this so called recession, I lost myself and all my hope. After a while I felt like there was no such door. I got so desperate. It was only one week after getting the podcast and practicing with dedication not only I got a job, but it is in the field that I dreamed working for a career. I have been working there now for two weeks and I love it!!! And a lot other doors are opening. So, I am forever grateful. Thank you. Peace of I.

~ Love, Melina

Dear Mabel,

Thank you so much for your beautiful answer to me on the call! I already feel better. I loved what you said about saying, "Thank you for being rejected!" It is such a switch instead of being afraid of being rejected, to say thank you for being rejected! I love hearing you!! You are so connected! And your answers are so pure like pure cool water!"

Happy Happy Birthday!! Keep being yourself!!!!

Thank you so much! I love you.

~ Daphna,

Mabel, it was really an amazing experience listening you today, and as you said all the q and a are for each one of us to clear and clarify our doubts. Thank you, Thank you.

I agree with Erica, above, their words are perfects and express really well my feelings about Ho'oponopono and you.

Have a wonderful and blessed birthday

~ Rita,

"I purchased your teleclass yesterday afternoon and I was delighted by the way the work impacted my thoughts and actions. Since the class I have cleared many old blockages and in one day I feel that I am on a new path. How do I sign up for the next 4 week series?"

~ Amy

"Your information is very helpful. I want to tell you something. Since I've been doing Ho'oponopono (5 - 6 days), I do not have panic attacks and my anxiety is almost gone. After many months of battle with my anxiety, it's incredible what peace I have inside me now. I can hardly believe that."

~ Angela from Romania

"When Mabel shared this, I felt something in my body and being immediately shift. I am so grateful for this awareness and healing."

~ C. Huynh, Los Angeles, California, United States

Mabel's Q & A's are one of the best ways to learn about Ho'oponopono!
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to clean and let go.


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