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Miracles and Stories

I've been practicing Ho'oponopono for six years now. Nothing else, just Ho'oponopono, all the time. And this is just one of the miracles I've received since then. I've had chronic inflammation of the ovaries since my twenties, as well as cysts in my left ovary. They aren't dangerous, but with time, the cysts "ate" my ovary, and it atrophied. A few months ago, I went for an examination. The doctor told me that for the first time in 25 years, I don't have any cysts, and that the atrophied ovary is now perfect. I didn't pay much attention to that news, because I thought that the ovary had healed itself due to the fact that the cysts are gone. I just found out that there's no way an atrophied ovary can heal by itself!

 - Karmen, Turkey

Ana_FranciaHi Mabel from Montreal, Canada. Yesterday we were walking with my son and suddenly I saw the Flor de Lis everywhere, in statutes. I told my son that those were Ho'oponopono tools!  After that we lost our nice Nikon camera !!! Esteban was so sad about that,  I told him 'don't worry  ha,ha,ha, it's just a camera. I put the Flor de Lis on it. Believe me please, 20 minutes later we found our camera in the middle of downtown!, that is impossible for somebody normal!! ha ha ha ha! Thank you for being in my life!  Yes! We can handle it. Problems are not problems if you say they are not. I love you all!

 - Ana, France

When the miracle happens.

erika-hungaryI am a hairdresser and I became a hairdresser because I grew up watching my family do the same. I am the third generation of this profession in my family. My grandfather, my grandmother, my mother and my aunt are also sculptors of hair. For us hair means creativity, crafting and self-realization. Braiding has always been one of my favorite activities and I got plenty of compliments at home for braiding technique.

Then out of the blue, in my fifties, I got an idea that I would like to make the longest braid ever made and this sparked my thoughts. I started to see opportunities and numerous kind people volunteered to assist me in setting up this record. When I got stuck, I either got help from somebody or a new possibility revealed itself. There was no stopping me. I knew I would succeed.

The time arrived to break the record and despite smaller difficulties, everything worked out as it had been planned. Everybody on the team was working diligently, I only had to braid. In three hours, the unbelievable happened! I created the world’s longest braid, 23.6 m long, made of hair from 52 people, and I became a Hungarian record holder.

By this time I had been practicing the Ho’oponopono for 3 years. I finished Mabel’s ‘40 days and 40 nights’ program 7 days before I broke the record. I felt that I could easily accept any kind of outcome.
Thank you!

 - Erika, Hungary

On October 11, 2012, I attended to a Ho’oponopono seminar for the first time. I decided to give Divinity my 10 - years relationship. My intention was: "For all the “garbage” within, to evaporate". It wasn't a bad relationship at all, but something went wrong and I could feel it.The very same day of the workshop, my husband came back home late and his cell phone was off. I couldn't even think of the possibility, he might have been cheating on me. I just kept repeating “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. A month later, my suspicion was confirmed. There was another person. I was impressed, I wasn't angry at all, but sad. I confronted him, but he denied it, even though the evidence gave him away. I continued with my mantra day and night. I never got angry. Neither my close relatives, nor he could understand my temperance. Two months later, I left the man I loved and I never lost my peace. Today, my close friends and family tell me that they expected me to be “devastated”. I told them about my secret and today, I am a living testimony. Before the workshop I could have sworn that if I lost the man of my life, I would die. Definitely, a miracle happened! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

- Carol - Chile

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Mabel, for such a good book.
I have many short stories to share with all of you, due to practicing Ho'oponopono.
This is one of them: I'm a nurse. I was on duty the day it happened. I usually go to work on foot. That night, my bones were hurting. The doctors had diagnosed me with "chikungunya", a kind of virus that makes you to be immobilized for approximately four days. I had no money for a taxi, so I had to walk. Little by little I started feeling pain from the illness. My son was with me that day, I mentioned to him that I did not know how I was going to come back to work the next day (I'm used to working at nights). Suddenly, I remembered a testimony I had read in your blog about a young lady who left everything in the hands of the Universe. So I let go, I gave permission, and I cleaned. I cleaned as much as I could on my way to the hospital. As I arrived to the hospital, I looked at the ground and found money on the floor, money I could use for my return trip. Somebody must have lost it. As far as I'm concerned, nobody complained about it. I had money only for the taxi and some pills. Ho'oponopono is Wonderful!! Thank you!

- Zulay - Venezuela

Today at the subway, a lady came in with a straight face and her two children, who were next to her, were very serious as well. The youngest boy (3 or 4 years old) started to look at me with a great personality and with such a nice seriousness that taught me something very important. I smiled at him but he still kept looking at me seriously.
Then I started talking with his inner child, Aloha! My name is Francesca, and you know what? Just by saying thank you, you can happily play and be at peace. Then I started with my rosary, Grazie, Grazie, Grazie, Ti amo, Ti amo, Ti amo… Meanwhile the 3 or 4 years old little boy kept looking at me with wide open eyes. He seemed hypnotized by the “Ho’oponopono rosary.” His face had a new expression like telling me, “Hey, you are talking to me and I can hear you!”
I laughed about the situation. When I was leaving the subway, the little boy who still looked at me seriously, told me quietly, “Grazie.” A delicious shiver ran through my body and I am sure touched the train, the city and the entire Universe.
Grazie, Grazie, Grazie. Ti amo, Powerful. Serious Child. I love you, Ho’oponopono. Thank you. I love you, God.
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. I love you, I love you, and I love you. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
I love you, I love you, and I love you. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

- FrancescaDX - Italy

Aloha, my friends!
Today I had a wonderful experience about what Ho’oponopono and the cleaning can do. During the morning I decided to take my mother to a private clinic because her personal doctor went abroad on his vacation. Besides, the health care insurance which she is affiliated with is closed due to holiday season.
When we arrived to the clinic we realized that we would be charged a lot of money to have her attended at the emergency area and we did not have that amount of money. At that moment I became aware of my cleaning and I got a thought, take her to the emergency room at a public hospital. When I told her about it, she got upset and said, “I am not going to go to a CDI, which is a government’s clinic, besides it hasn’t a good reputation.” To sum it up, I told her to search in the Town Hall website to see if they offered any health service where she could be assisted.
That’s the way it was, two blocks from my house and we had one. When we arrived there was almost nobody, just the secretary and a Pulmonary Specialist, He, He, He… Just what we had been searching for and not only that, it turned out to be a wonderful place even better than a private clinic. The doctor said, “You arrived on time, I was just living.” She was treated very well and the doctor gave her a treatment, and better yet, it didn’t cost anything at all.
Thanks to God for always being with us. She is improving little by little but, above all, she is calmer and me too! I’m very grateful for your cleaning! I love you all! I keep cleaning! Thank you, and thank you, and thank you!!!

- Freddy, Venezuela

Hi Mabel! I’m your follower as always and I am more than convinced that this technique works miracles. I want to tell you a story of many that I have. I’m going to turn 50 next January, 15th so my kids and my husband decided to organize a party. We celebrated it in advance because now I’m going to Brazil. We started organizing the event; we paid the salon, and the catering and music. We distributed the invitations. A day before my husband tells me he is not able to get the money to pay all we have to pay, that it is a lot of money. I started saying “I love you, I love you, I love you, I let go and I let God”. That same day a client paid him a check that goes directly to pay the drinks. The celebration day came and still we didn’t get the money l needed for the party but I kept repeating "I love you", and "thank you" My oldest daughter got another check to pay the music and later on a client of my husband called him to go to pick up another check he owed him. This happened half hour before the company closed its doors, my son arrived just on time. We finally had all our expenses paid. All the people were surprised to see how things got resolved. I can only say that it’s a miracle.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Felicia, Argentina

Hi Mabel,
I want to share with you some of the things that have happened to me; should I call them miracles, I don't know? I would not feel good if I were to remain silent. This will help you with your mission to make Ho'oponopono renowned worldwide.
Yesterday during the night I started to feel a terrible discomfort in my left eye. It became red-colored, swollen; filling up with tears and burned a lot!! I said to myself, maybe its conjunctivitis'!! So, I continued with the cleaning. Suddenly I thought about one of the tools; it was like a smooth caress. I said to myself, this is God's grace. Thank you. I love you.
Today my eye came back normal; it only remains a bit swollen. I thank you God. I am thankful for my faith in God and the tools.
Thank you Mabel for your teachings, and may the universe bless you. Thank you. I love you.

- Ana, France

I used one of the tools for a trial in which I was accused of something that I was innocent, and who accused me lied about the charges imputed to me. For over a month I took the papers from the sentence and I cleaned them with one of tools... guess what? .... The judge found guilty to whom accused me... even my lawyer said: "How strange!". God has weird ways of doing justice.

- JW, Peru

Hello everyone!!

These days have been very helpful, a lot of cleansing, cleansing, cleansing, let it go, let it go.. And communication with divinity (thank you thank you thank you)…

Yesterday, Tuesday I had to go to the office and at this time of the month my budget was very limited (thank you thank you thank you) and had very little money for the day.

I had many things to do and knew that maybe I had a very small budget hahaha….but I told myself “I am not going to be worried” hahaha and even thou I wanted to fall, I told myself: “hey! But I learned to let go” … let’s continue…It turns out that I was invited to lunch ( a co-worker that I knew very little, thank you thank you thank you) I went to make copies for a job I had to do and when I was going to pay.. I had no money!!! The sales person told me, “take the money you need, and you pay me later (without knowing me) hahahahaha. I took the money for the bus and I was laughing (I knew it was the universe talking to me)… Then.. I noticed that I only had money for ONE bus, but I had to go pick up my son to the day care and had no money to go back home with him.. I was on my way and telling the universe: “ I DEPEND ON YOU, I AM NOT WORRIED, YOU WILL FIND THE WAY” when I was almost at the day care it start raining and I said..”ay! Maybe I will find money in the floor” hahahahahha I got to the day care and there was no money hahaha… But I told myself: “Thank you, I have trust in you” I didn’t have enough money to go back home, it was raining and I was very far away. A mother came to pick up her son, he is a friend of my son and in their conversation I heard they were going by my neighborhood… so I said:” THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY” and I asked her (without knowing her) to please give me a ride…. WELL SHE TOOK ME HOME – she was my neighbor.. I returned home with some money (coins) and safely with my son. Hahahaha… for me it was the UNIVERSE TAKING CARE OF ME!!

I had to let you know!! I know that everything works this way, I know what it is that I need to let go. And now more than ever I TRUST THAT THE UNIVERSE KNOWS WHAT IS PERFECT AND RIGHT… I wish to learn to let go all my memories and feel that nervous giggle that confirmed me that I was doing the right thing and that my day will end in that way. Thank you all!!! Life is fun this way!!! Hugs!! Thanks so much with all my heart!


- Diana, Colombia

Aloha Mabel,

When I realize how miraculous this system is, I cannot help writing.

I told you about the problem I was experiencing with Mary, the woman who helps at my daughter’s house, I had it for 7 months, and "prayed" day and night since I knew the Ho'oponopno about 45 days ago.

It turns out that this morning Mary came into my room to ask what I wanted for breakfast. I was stunned, because we didn’t speak each other at all. She offered me some tamales she had bought on Sunday and Sprite, I accepted it, yet she offered me her services, and asked me to request whatever I needed, since she had passed a similar story with the death of her mother.

This is miraculous, no doubt. I hope to give you the news soon, about the "cleaning" from the root of this cancer that affects me.

I have no words to thank you and your great team of collaborators for all the help and support I receive.

Thank you, thank you.

- Myra, Mexico

Let me tell you that the rain started months ago here in Guadalajara, Mex. A day before starting the rain, it got windy. We had been with days like that (windy before it rained). In front of my house there is a very leafy tree, and obviously with the rain its branches grow very fast. Months ago I had been researching for pruning; because between its branches there are light, T.V. and telephone cables and I wanted to avoid an accident or breakdown of services, you know. The city council prunes with a cost and calling a particular service that prune trees is more expensive and not all the neighbors are willing to put money from their pockets. The wind started and my Grandma and I commented about the tree pulling and ripping off the wires, so I told my Grandma: "Well, look, let's leave it to God, He will do what is best." So I said to myself, "why do I care?" and put the Flor-de-lis on the situation, let go and surrendered, and I said "thank you" a thousand times, lol! The next day I didn’t even remember about it, and I did my daily activities as usual. I work in the evenings, at night I got back and looked to the street where I live and I noticed that it was brighter than usual and I said, "Maybe the light was repaired and a higher light was installed now… I don’t know!” When I arrived I saw that the tree had been pruned, I was impressed, I thought to myself: "Wowwww !!". I really had the desire to cry because of my emotion, and obviously I thanked a lot. The next day, talking about it with my in-laws, my father told me that to prune a tree it is required to get permission, otherwise the police can get you arrested. Since it was trimmed by a couple of neighbors, I was speechless and again thanked for the miracle because they could do it without any difficulty. The greatness of God is amazing when we really let Him. Thanks, thanks, thanks. The Peace of I.

-- Laura, Mexico

I want to share what happened to me last weekend.

We had arranged to move on Saturday, but we wanted to hire freight truck service (one we knew and very good price) but the owner couldn’t that day. So on Friday I started calling other freight services, but could not make any arrangement (they could not on Saturday or didn’t pick up the phone). We decided that we would begin to move some things in the car anyways to move forward. On Saturday morning my husband started to feel bad, and I was angry inside, thinking "why is he sick right now?... Always the same!" and blah blah ... But I decided to clean and to change my attitude. Instead of getting angry I went to him and offered some tea, but he refused.

He got up much better a few minutes later. He said "do you want us to call another freight truck and see if anyone can?" and I said "don’t worry... everything will go as it has to be, we will find some freight if we should move now" ... I didn’t finish those words and I received a call... it was a person from a freight service who had a lost call from me, from Friday and called back!!! I swear I could not believe it. We agreed at a very good price and he came with even a bigger truck than the one we initially wanted to hire (we were able to bring most of the house).

A few minutes later a friend calls me and tells me "as soon as I finish working I’ll be there to help you because today I can!!" and her help was amazing and all the friends who could come and help too.

Besides that, before we started moving, my husband said "we will move the stove another day because we need a gas specialist to disconnect and reconnect it there". A few minutes er in law came home, he actually came to do some paperwork with a neighbor but the neighbor was not there, so he went to see if we needed anything, and he told me "do you want me to uninstall the stove and took it to the other house? So I can install it there and leave it ready!". Haha ... could not believe it! It's hilarious!!

That same night the new house was already equipped!! A blessing!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


-- Carolina, Argentina

Dear Mabel:

I am writing this email because I can not wait to share the things that are happening in and around me, many of them look like coincidences, but with these coincidences miracles are woven.

One thing that has changed in my environment, that is tangible and clear, is the traffic in front of the building where I live. Chaos forever, since I live in this place I had no day without complaining about the noise, traffic and continuous pollution.

One night, after hearing a talk of yours and Dr. Len, where he said that everything on this earth has its own energy and life, even a chair, and we can talk, as he spoke to his shoes; I happened to talk to the street outside my house. I apologized for having spoken so bad of it as dirty, noisy and ugly. I took 100% responsibility for my memories projecting that, I thanked it for being a link that allows me to get home without further mishap. I said "I know your mission is to communicate from one place to another, people, things, cars, etc., but please… could you help with clutter, noise and pollution? Thanks for letting us move. Thanks, thanks, thanks." I repeated it a few nights, then I went on vacation with my children for 15 days and I forgot about it. When I returned the change was amazing.... but many will say “What a coincidence!” but I know deep in my heart that the cleaning had to do with it (thank you, thank you), because I had complained a long time and right now everything changes so fast and easy...

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Mabel, everything is so easy with a simple "thank you", I love you very much.

--Josse Mary, Ecuador

Hey Mabel,
The situation with my husband is not solved yet, but you know what? I’ve been trusting, letting go and cleaning so much that I lived a miracle:
I cried and cried during 3 days and when I said "God, I give all these feelings to you", something happened: I saw the door of my bedroom opening and a very large and bright light came in, it got closer and went into my heart. At dawn next morning, there was no pain, no sadness, only a deep love and great peace.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Thanks Mabel, for being in my life.

--Ange Kaur, Mexico

Dear Mabel:
I am writing this email because I can not wait to share the things that are happening in and around me, many of them look like coincidences, but with these coincidences miracles are woven.
One thing that has changed in my environment, that is tangible and clear, is the traffic in front of the building where I live. Chaos forever, since I live in this place I had no day without complaining about the noise, traffic and continuous pollution.
One night, after hearing a talk of yours and Dr. Len, where he said that everything on this earth has its own energy and life, even a chair, and we can talk, as he spoke to his shoes; I happened to talk to the street outside my house. I apologized for having spoken so bad of it as dirty, noisy and ugly. I took 100% responsibility for my memories projecting that, I thanked it for being a link that allows me to get home without further mishap. I said "I know your mission is to communicate from one place to another, people, things, cars, etc., but please… could you help with clutter, noise and pollution? Thanks for letting us move. Thanks, thanks, thanks." I repeated it a few nights, then I went on vacation with my children for 15 days and I forgot about it. When I returned the change was amazing.... but many will say “What a coincidence!” but I know deep in my heart that the cleaning had to do with it (thank you, thank you), because I had complained a long time and right now everything changes so fast and easy...
Thanks, thanks, thanks. Mabel, everything is so easy with a simple "thank you", I love you very much.

--Josse Mary, Ecuador

It turns out that my daughter had just been diagnosed a nodule in the thyroid, apparently the light could not go through on the MRI. I have been praying during all time, with the phrases we already know: "I love you", "thank you", "sorry", "forgive me"... but for my daughter. I've asked the nodule:
“¿¿¿Do you have something to say???” and it answered me: - "I am afraid, very afraid, insecure, guilty, unworthy to be loved"... I began to feel those emotions in me, trembling, with that uncontrolled anxiety, lack of oxygen, very scared... and I kept saying: "Divinity, please forgive me, remove all those memories of fear in me, this insecurity, this guilt of not feeling worthy of love... I'm sorry, I love you, thank you" . So I cleaned until the feelings calmed...
I wondered... healing in me all these fears, etc… is it possible to heal my daughter?
Now we are with the Doctor, and after starting the biopsy, the shadow disappeared, a third ultrasound was done and no shadow reappeared, they were only memories. I cleaned 3 consecutive nights and thanks to your support this disappeared... Thank you, thank you, I am grateful to God, to Ho'oponopono, to you, to me. I keep cleaning.
Thanks for your lines.
Thank you.

--Myra, Mexico

Aloha Mabel,
My warmest greetings from the bottom of my heart. I hope you are great! I'm very grateful for all your teachings and help. Today, September, 14th, 2014 I experienced one of the most wonderful and touching miracles to the point that I cannot stop crying and I can't explain it with words.
I was coming to my work reading the only book of yours I have, so far that part in which you tell us how to talk to our inner child. I was talking to my inner child and taking some of the phrases; obviously before that I had thanked the train for allowing me to take it. Then I was about to give my seat to a daddy with his son but somehow something didn't let me doing it... Suddenly, they got off the train. All of a sudden a mother and her daughter got into the train and she sat the girl by my side and told to her: "Sit down because you are not capable to stay up". I turned around and I could see a girl with Down syndrome (about 13 or 14 years old). I turned around to look at the book again and then I noticed that she smiled at me and afterwards she answered: "Thank you". I got astonished. Again she looked at me and at the book and all I said to her was "thank you". I got a little closer so she could see your book and she was very peaceful during almost the whole trip we shared. I asked her name but I didn't understand it. I cannot stop crying. It’s so beautiful... We got off the train together. Then her mother said: "Give thanks to the lady". I was astonished. Then I caressed her back and I said "thank you" again. While I recall the moment, I can only cry for being full of joy. I feel God spoke to me; I don't know how to explain all those sensations... It's like being in another world.
Since I practice Ho'oponopono the miracles keep amazing me moment by moment and especially this one that made me feel something really big. I also want to tell you that all these months practicing Ho'oponopono I decided to be persistent because I want to be happy and at peace and I got tired of suffering.
I have got a new grey stained kitten at home. Sometimes there are mice at home (he,he,he). In this case it was the trigger because it didn't happen before that a kitten came to my house to eat mice and fell asleep at the front door. Where I now live there are more cats that live among cars and trees; a friend of mine says that God sent them to me to help me with the cleaning.
I'm so happy! The kitten follows me everywhere and when I say to her "I love you" she caresses and licks me. It's so enchanting! In fact, she lives with me. God and life keep surprising me every time and all the miracles I'm experiencing as well. All I have to say is "thank you".
I say goodbye Mabel, thank you very much for all you do for humanity and all there is in the Universe. Thank you for being part of my life.
For everything, absolutely everything that I have in my life thank you, thank you, thank you!
Peace begins with me!!!

--Laura, Mexico

Why do I practice Ho'oponopono?
Some time ago in USA I told a friend of mine that my problems were too big and that I would need a kind of Divine Intervention: "There has to be something out of the ordinary that release me of what I'm going through, there's has to be another way!!" She recommended me to read a Louise Hay's book and told me about Ho'oponopono... That's how I discovered a lot of videos in youtube, the ones that I liked more were the Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len and Mabel Katz’s.
I asked God to let me know if all this was real... I needed a sign...
Every Saturday my son used to have practices of music with his High school friends, (he is drummer and plays the bass guitar). He used to go out in the mornings and come back at 5 pm. When he arrived to the building always rang the intercom system in the ground floor to let me know that he was home and then he came in.
One Saturday, at the time he used to arrive, "THE INTERCOM SYSTEM RANG" (as he usually did). I said to myself: "Esteban is back" but 15 minutes passed and he didn't go upstairs!! I looked through the window and it was "drizzling", I gave a call and he told me: "I'm coming". He was carrying his bass guitar, amplifier and back pack... and it was "drizzling"... It almost never rains here... so the sudden "drizzle" attracted my attention…
Something inside of me told me to go downstairs for him and then I told myself: "drizzle???" This is a Ho'oponopono message!!
I went downstairs running to wait for him, he was getting off the tramway and very surprised told me: "What are you doing here?" and I said to him: "I don't know!!! Something made me to come!!Unable to render embedded object: File ( "Mom, you gave me a call about 15 minutes after we had car accident) not found.!! My friend's car bumped along and none of us were injured, thanks God we are all fine!!”.
This was the Universe sign I was expecting! Ho'oponopono works! If I hadn't been cleaning with all that videos maybe the accident would be worst? Only God knows! Who made the intercom system rang just at the right time of the accident? It could only have been God!!
Since then I practice this technique that brought miracles in my life, I highly recommend it!!

-- Ana Darné, France

I have already told you about the fluid in the lungs and the two occasions that the liquid was extracted... Well, it turns out that my lungs were re-filled with water; I kept strong with Ho'oponopono, constantly repeating ... "I love you, thank you, forgive me for whatever is in me that has caused this feeling in me..." Then suddenly I saw that I had drowned at the sea, clearly saw the "galleon" when I was shipwrecked, in that time I felt very suffocated and kept saying... "I love you, forgive me, thank you ..." and I kept watching as I sank, as if it were a film. Then I went to another scene where I was thrown into the water and drown again, then I looked at a beach in Nova Scotia (which by the way, I do not know where it is)... I was rescued ... In this rescue image I saw myself at home, the young man who rescued me, the clothing, etc ... It seems that I did not behave very well with him, but I asked him for forgiveness. I realized that in my past lives I died drowning several times... Then I could see the times of the Vikings, I was a warrior, I died from a wound in the chest. Then I was in a canoe on a placid lake, I was a hunter, and I died again because of an arrow in the chest... I’ve always been a warrior. I apologized to my hormones and continued with my words ... "I love you, thank you..." And I want to say that after these episodes of coughing, choking, pain, I began to feel better, the liquid in the lungs decreased and I can assure you that it disappeared, my experiences were so vivid that I'm pretty sure I relived a previously known experience ...

-- Myra - Mexico

Have a good day. First of all I wish to give infinite thanks for your beautiful work.
I attended two seminars you presented last month in Colombia. It was a unique experience. I did not have the money to attend, since I live in the city of Pereira and had to travel during 6 hours to Medellin and then 10 hours to Bogota. Do not ask me how, but I could attend both. The peace and quiet I've had this month I had ever experienced before
There's something I have noticed in my behavior that is not usual and is the amount of time I sleep. Usually slept six hours and woke up halfway through the night. Since the seminar I can sleep up to 10 hours if I do not set the alarm clock. During the day, if I stay still, I can easily fall asleep and this was not part of my activities. It is a deep, deep sleep. I have the feeling of having traveled far, but cannot remember anything. What could be the reason of having so much need to sleep?
My son has had a dramatic change too, he was a very introverted young man who did not talk, he had very little communication, and now I can see him looking for me to tell me about his things... As you said, it's amazing...
I appreciate your attention and your time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

-- Maria Eugenia, Colombia

Dear Mabel,

I wanted to thank you for the seminar in Medellin, it was wonderful, it helped me to be more in contact with my inner child, again thank you, thank you, thank you.

This is the Testimony:

The computer I use at work started to have some technicals problems as well as others that were in the office, then I remembered you told us that we could tell to inanimate objects: "I'm Sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that has created this". A few days after have been saying thank you to the pc, the boss called someone to have the pc repaired (as well as the other ones), this is a miracle, because every time I say to an inanimate object "thanks, thanks, thanks", it seems like the energy changes not only in the room but in the object also.

This and many other miracles have happened in my family when I'm on the means of transport, at work , among others... Thank you very much Mabel for sharing,


-- Eduin Arroyave. Medellín, Colombia

Dear Mabel,

Some time ago I wrote to you to share about a miracle that happened to me after some time of have been practising Ho'oponopono. You asked me if I could share with others what had happened to me but I forgot it so when I remembered I thought: "I will share with Mabel the next miraculous thing that happens to me". Here it goes:

This morning I had a mandatory meeting at the job center to justify a financial support. It wasn't the first meeting we had and the truth is that between the fellows we had been arguing at each other during previous meetings. However, this morning while we were all together at the meeting, during the training hours, I started to repeat the words: "I'm sorry" "I love you". Since I have been practising Ho'oponopono for a few months now I know perfectly how powerful this technique is and I just cleaned ... especially with difficult people. My surprise? Later on, at home; I realized I had to go to the supermarket to buy some food.

When I was about to buy some bread, I noticed that one of the "annoying" fellows was there, at the supermarket, and greeted me kindly. Curiously we both were very kind to each other and as we talked we decided that for the next training day we would take a special meal for the rest of the fellows, because the next meeting would be the last day of training. However, by "chance" another "annoying" fellow also showed up there to buy some bread and joined our initiative, very willingly. This is something very strange and magical at the same time, isn't it?

Thanks to Ho'oponopono I changed attending the training with "annoying" people to "magically" and effortlessly make the best of all to the good of all.

Thank you very much for spreading Ho'oponopono so wonderfully.

Aloha Mabel. All my peace!

-- T.A. - Spain

Dear Mabel,

I am fascinated with the practice of Ho’oponopono. It’s been 3 months since I’ve been practicing it. I’ve experienced miracles from small to visibly big ones.

I was astonished when the owner of the Company I work for received a legal notice to appear (Due to non-payment of rent), even though I “cleaned” all day at the office and outside (using the Ho’oponopono tecniques). I told her that when she went to court and she felt like losing control, to think of the “Flypaper”. I also told her to imprint the “Flor de Lis” logo and to place it on the court documents (the night before).

She arrived without a lawyer (to everyone’s surprised, because she needed one). They allowed her to enter with the only possibility of negotiating the payments. They arrived on a payment agreement, which she was doubtful of, since she did not have the money at that moment. Ok. Negotiation signed.

Well, what happened next?

When she arrived at the Company a client paid in cash for a product, which cost covered the amount she had been ordered to pay, and then some.

Just like this one, I could share many more marvelous stories. In fact, I’m going to be creating a miracle journal, because there’re so many. Yet, I ask myself “Why do I want to remember the miracles?” when in fact what I want to do is erase the memories.

Big hug to you!!!

Thank you!!!

-- Ketuly T., Chile

Well, I had a miracle!
My son was asking me to buy him an electric guitar, which cost 240€, but I told him that with the added cost of his schooling coming in September, I couldn’t buy him the guitar.
And then, I advised him not to be mad with his parents, nor with life, that he should remain at peace and soon, somehow, the guitar would come. I asked him to trust. My son is already 18 years old.
Then I, without telling anyone, only to my “divinity” or my “superconscious”, I started to speak in the way the Ho’oponopono teaches us.
“Father, Mother, erase all my painful memories and the erroneous beliefs, which has caused such economic shortage in my life”.
“I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”.
I did this, for long periods and for various days, every time I’d remember it, I would speak with my divinity.
On the second or third day, my son came home that evening telling me that he had gone to Valencia, the capital, (we live in a rural area, outside of it) and on the floor, he had found two bills of 100€ each. He assumed they were not real. He said that he thought of me and decided to bring them to me so I could use my creative visualization on them, hahaha.
His father that was listening to us looked at the bills and confirmed that they were in fact real. They were not fake! Oh, what a joy!
Immediately we knew that it was the divinity, that it was this that allowed me to only pay 40€ for the purchase of the guitar, and the 200€ that we needed would be provided by her.
Since then, I have a profound love for this technique, because it works!
Thank you, thank you, thank you divinity, I love you!

--Marga Esteve Soler

Dear All,
Last week, I was saved twice!! in the same day from an accident the same day, and both times I was cleaning!! so I know for sure that it was Ho'oponopono.

First: I was crossing a three lane road, a road that i cross every morning to arrive to my job, the cars were waiting for the green light, I was in the middle of the road. Suddenly I felt the need to turn to the left when I saw someone I know 50 meters away from me, we are not close friends, but we know each other, I had the need to go back and wait for him, which i did. When i gave one step away from the middle, the car in the middle was hit by another car behind pushing it a few meters in front!! oh my god, when i heard the noise i thought to myself, i could have been blessed very bad!! but I was saved, nothing happened with the cars or with the people inside, only the big noise!!!! God was there, my inner child was telling me to go back and say hello to my friend!!

Second: That same night (I live alone with my dog)  a very good friend of mine came to spend the night with us, before i went to bed i smoked a cigarette, i turned it off and went to the bathroom to have a shower before sleeping. My friend was already lying watching tv when he felt the need to go the kitchen and smoke a cigarrette himself (i was in the shower), he suddendly smelled smoked, he looked at it, and he realized that when i emptied the ashtray my cigarette was not completely off, the trashcan started to burn inside of a closet plenty of flammable cleaning products!!! He was there, at the right time, at the right moment!!!! he turned off the trashcan and nothing happenned, only smoke in the kitchen, everything while i was having a shower!!! And just to add something, i was cleaning while taking my shower!!

Real miracles, I can write thousands of things that have happened since I practice ho'oponopono!!

Thank you thank you thank you

I love you all



I love that you are so kind and responsive to your followers. I want to tell you that last night I tried sleeping with the seminar manual I received when I took the seminar last February, 17th , in Los Angeles. However, I wasn’t able to sleep and I kept repeating “light switch” all night long instead -which is normal to me , what it´s not usual is to have a sleepless night- , snoozing a couple of minutes between short dreams reliving memories of the past . But, I kept cleaning looking at my watch , being grateful while repeating “light switch” I got up earlier than usual and I wasn’t tired , since being awake exhausted me a lot but I fell good today, it was different.

Since I took the seminar, I have been practicing all the tools with much more passion and the results have been amazing! Situations that used to deeply affect me emotionally do not do any more or not so much lately. Regarding “light switch,” I was able to help a client of mine to help her son who was going to be 180 days in prison. After using this tool he was sentenced to only 7 days house arrest and the rest of the sentence on probation.

Another great result I want to tell you is that a couple of days ago I was told that I ´m going to get my legal immigration documents in only a few months and for sure this is due to HO´OPONOPONO . I´m very happy this door opened up for me after living 12 years as an illegal immigrant and have been practicing all this for only year now.

Thank you so much for sharing so many blessings with so many people who are making possible all this extension of gratitude and harmony.

The blue solar water tastes great, I prepare a kind of lemonade and I give it to my kids who enjoy it very much. I gives me a lot of energy and my anxiety goes down too. A couple of months ago I was a bit worried regarding my thyroids problem and the overweight that has caused, now I´m at peace and accept 100% responsibility for all that comes my way. I love listening to her CDs. because of Mabel´s vibration that it´s extremely high. I cannot feel this with that many people. She has a high frequency within herself. I´m a very sensitive person and as I listen to her voice I can feel her aura and the harmony within.

I´m sorry, I don’t know if it´s you Mabel who is reading these words but I felt that I had to tell and whoever read it will also benefit from them.
Thank you and a million blessings for so much LIGHT!


--Alma, Los Angeles

Dear Mabel,

l hope you are great.

l want to tell you what happened with my lawsuit. Remember l told you about it when you were in Zagreb, and you kindly cleaned with it?

When l was in Zagreb, my lawyer told me that the was going to be February 7th. at 8.00 in the morning. l was cleaning as you told me, with glass of water, and all names... At first there were bubbles, then they stopped. Maybe 15 days before date, l put also the date of the hearing on paper under glass. Again lots of bubbles in the water the first few days...

I was so scared, I felt soooooooooooo bad. I couldn't sleep a few days before he date of the hearing... and the day before, February 6th. l called my lawyer, to see if we had to meet, to prepare. Then he told me that l was mistaken, that the hearing was not on the 7th, that it was on the 19th at 12.00 Noon.

There is no way l misunderstood. He repeated it few times, and it was too important for me to forget it... and in Croatian, 7 and 19 sounds totally different, l couldn't hear wrong. And 8.00 am instead of 12.00 pm.... no way! :))))

Again, l put the new date on the paper underneath the glass, again bubbles... and the day before l went to the lawyer, and he prepared me. l felt awful, l thought l would really looked guilty, my hands and my voice were shaking. Then, when l came home, my lawyer called me to tell me that their lawyer has asked for postponement, that they were all sick and they couldn't come tomorrow!! Yes!! Again l got more time to clean :)))

And then, the same day, they called, and said they wanted a settlement, outside the court.

Today it is officially confirmed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

So, for me this is proof, that cleaning really works and changes things.

Mabel, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

l will never thank you enough for everything...

l am looking forward to Belgrade,

Have a wonderfull time, and a lot of success!



Hi Mabel!

Just wanted to share a cool Ho'oponopono story with you...

Remember when I told you we were going to put my dog down? Well, this was because almost overnight, he completely broke down. He could no longer walk (had to be held up with a leash around his belly while walking), he couldn't see so was bumping into walls, and he could barely smell food right in front of his nose. On top of this, he looked constantly panic-stricken and cried a lot. This went on for a few days. My parents were looking into vets and had almost set a date to have him put down.

Anyway, after talking to you, I went down to him and said "Thank you so much for everything you have given us over the years. You belong to God, so if you're ready to go back to him, that's fine. Or if you're not ready yet, that's also fine, and I realllllly love you." And then, I put solar water in his bowl every day.

Well, after about 3 days, he was COMPLETELY back to normal - regained his sight, could walk confidently and without help, could smell things, and seemed to have a new lease on life.

My family and everyone was shocked, and keeps calling him the "miracle dog".

Anyway, that was about 5 months ago... He's now 16! Who knows what will happen next, but I keep reminding myself to give him back to God and give him plenty of love.

Anyway, thought you might find that interesting!
Thanks sooo much always.

--Paulina, Canada

Good Morning Mabel, the blessings only continue. Quick story: While cleaning , I remembered a question: "How does it get better than this?" Truth is, I don't know.... only God knows...
So after, my fathers funeral the other day, I had to look to getting ready for a annual Christmas dinner I cook for my employees as we hand everyone their gifts and bonuses. Honestly, I been a little tired and not looking forward to it this year. So I ask the question "How does it get better than this?" and I continue cleaning. "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I Love You."
That's when Divinity provides. My employees, decided to take over our plans and have a real traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal fully catered for the 20-25 of us (this includes spouses). There are only 10 actual employees, I know this would be costing them about $900.00. They said it was my gift, I was speechless at the Love and thoughtfulness they were showing to me ...
I look up to Divinity, and I say " Thank You, I Love You, God , how does it get better than this? Thank You."
Well, apparently every time I ask God and clean, the answer appears.....
You see, I knew this was a lot of money for them to spend on myself.. I keep cleaning... then yesterday afternoon.... It happens again.... when the owners' son of the restaurant, who are family friends of ours, found out about the order. He called his Father and told him about the situation.. Resulting in the owner, calling my employees back saying "All will be delivered, bring no money, this is our gift to Nick and his family."
Again, Divinity's inspiration to others as to answer the question "How does it get better than this." Again, I just clean, I don't know, I just surrender to Gods Love ..
So, Mabel, today as I experience so much Love from everyone, I look to Divinity saying Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.. I Love You
The question arises again, "How does it get better than this?"
That will be another email, because at this moment, I don't know, I just need to clean and Love.
Merry Christmas, Thank You also, I Love You all.

--Nick, USA

Thank you Thank you Thank you...So amazing... just now your email came in. I joined the Flor de Lis Peace movement. It started to rain enormously and I had seen earlier today the wind make a little spiral tornado movement of the sand.. my mind got the message tornado just pop up and are there, just like that. Now the heavy waterrainfall came with heavy lightning and strong power and I stood up with the knowing if I let this be in my fear what it can be, this can harm us people.
So I started to stand up and I told the north the west the south the east I put the Flor the Lis on this situation then 4 times more I said to each direction: Northeast I put the flor de lis on this situation, to the eastsouth direction I said I put the Flor de Lis on this situation. The rain was banging on the windows, the lightning was strong, it was darker, and I told my fear with a strong voice I put the Flor de lis on this situation to all directions, 8 in total. And it is done. Then I turned swirling round Thank you I love you Thank you I love you and it calmed down. Now within 15 min the rain has stopped. For me this is a miracle. Thank you for the Flor de Lis to clear all situations.and catastrophes before they fulfill.
Thank you so much Flor de Lis for being on this situation.Thank you Mabel and Mirta. Thank you for this beautifull moment in time. Thank you all helpers so much Thank you Thank you Thank you And it is done. Lightswitch Dewdrops All Coleurs xxxxx to you all.

--Marianne, Netherlands

Hi Mabel,

I am Elena, from Romania and I want to tell you some of changes that occurred in my life in the last 6 months. I heard about Ho'oponopono last year and I read Zero Limits by Joe Vitale in October 2010.

I was on a course with you in October 2010, March 2011 and last weekend June 2011.
Ho'oponopono changed my life, changed me.

1. Beginning for me, it was not easy to say moment by moment Thank you or I love you ..... , but now it is easy.

2. Until February 2011, I woke up at 5.30 am, every morning, I arrived at the office at 7,30 am and I came home after 11,00 pm. Now I wake up when I can and I am not staying in the office after 6,00 pm (and I solve all tasks).

3. 90% of my colleagues always avoided me because I was in conflict with them (I work for a big company, 3500 employees). In the last six months I had only three conflicts (minor) and my colleagues are very nice with me. I detached from all the problems that are here and this is a state that still I am not confortable (and I still clean).

4. Many people asked me: What do you do?, What do you take? (drugs?!), What do you eat? Because now, all the time, I smile or make jokes. (I didn’t do this until 6 months ago)

5. Until February 2011, I was living with my brother who is HIV positive. I was afraid to let him live alone. On February 7, 2011 I moved into a new apartment and I still clean with my fears.

6. Inside of me is peace and I can sleep.

I am sorry for my English, I still learn. Thank you for all and especially for appearing in my life.

--Elena, Romania



If I had to describe my experience with Ho’oponopono with just one phrase, it would be: “Ho’oponopono has shown me the way to reach complete liberation”, Mauricio Echeverri Gil.
My beginning with Ho’oponopono took place three years ago, after an event I considered tragic at the moment…. My wife was diagnosed with cancer (thank you, thank you, thank you). From then on, I embarked on a tragicomedy directed by my own intellect. The story took place in my country: Colombia, its characters were my dear ones, friends, acquaintances, etc. In the plot, the victim of fate (myself), who used to have a peaceful and unworried life, finds out one morning that his fears (memories) have come true: his wife suffers a potentially deadly disease, his job opportunities close up, his relationship with his wife becomes that of two people who shut down during a bad period waiting for the right time to start living again.
Of course, my leading role in this drama production even turned out to be attractive, since all the other actors (friends and family) gave life to my character following the script I dictated (today I understand this is literally true and that all of them were my creation and acted governed by my memories).

A colloquial expression frequently used in my family goes “He is undergoing the lice period”; this means “seven years of bad luck”… I automatically tuned in to this memory making it my own (I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever has created this)… While humanity was getting ready to make its transition to the Aquarium Era, I was getting ready for the Lice Era; that was my sentence, my decision; that was what the intellect dictated me, what guaranteed my ego its status as the star of the show.
Fortunately, all the sides of my life (job, couple, health) started to fall apart. I call this fortunate because the storm of my ego was so strong that it pushed me to the shores of spiritual practice, which would have been impossible for somebody like me, slave of the symbols of his own ego and skeptical by definition. If I decided to list these symbols, the task would be endless since they make up the baggage of all the memories I have been gathering through countless lives and that I have lived since the beginning of creation up to the present.

When I reached the shores of the spiritual practices, I felt overwhelmed by the pandemonium of gurus, healers, priests, motivators, spiritual guides, astrologist, numerologists, conjurers, witches, wise people, meditators, shamans, etc., all of them self-proclaimed owners of the truth and of all kinds of spells that would allow you to reach the nirvana on earth. Amidst this Vietnam of solutions to the problems of the being, I decided to experience a lot of things, apart from inventing my own recipes with the best ingredients of the thousand dishes available. Through this process of trial and error, I was found by books (yes, the books found me) which made me aware of the fact that the outside world or my known universe is the result of my own creation!!! I practiced many things with variable results; finally I came into an article by Joe Vitale about Ho’oponopono entitled “The most unusual therapist in the world”. At this point I felt in my heart that this mysterious Hawaiian problem solving process would enable me to reach the elusive nirvana. After reading the article of Joe Vitale, I frenetically gave in to finding out more about Ho’oponopono, so I asked the universe for information on the subject and it said “your wishes are commands”, immediately afterwards, the heavens opened up unleashing upon me a storm of information full of scents, colors and flavors.

I started to include all the Ho’oponopono tools available on Internet to my practices. At first, the technique appeared to be the perfect ingredient for my own recipes to soothe the matters of the being… if Dr. Hew Len found out about my enhanced techniques he would be green with envy… However, to honor the truth, at some point in my feverish incursion in the theories of self-improvement I came into the book “The Easiest Way” by Mabel Katz (thank you Mabel). From then on, I started to understand with the intellect and with the heart what one and the other need to know in order to find the right and perfect solutions to my problems. At the same time, as I started to clean more and more with the Ho’oponopono tools, I also started to find the right information for me and many of the answers to my questions started to arise magically in the tapes of Mabel’s interviews and workshops available on the Internet (thank you again). By the way Mabel, I’m cleaning to find the easiest way to the seminar you are giving in Colombia.

How does this story end?
As I learned to clean, I magically run into people who held out their hands to me, also a lot of doors I had not taken into account started to open up for me. Looking back at things, I realize that the lifeguards of the cosmos appeared when I really cleaned all the time, unfortunately I only did this during the hardest periods (the biggest challenge of Ho’oponopono is to do this all the time, that is why I have written this article as a reminder for myself).
Without doing anything except Ho’oponopono, the plot of the tragicomedy I had unleashed upon my life started to unfold. I can now understand that I do not need anything or anybody to solve my problems, I just need to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens, If I create my own reality, through cleaning I can rectify everything that is not right and perfect. In this way, I can defeat the demons, that is, the memories I carry within myself.

My wife’s health.
My wife with her innate wisdom never empowered her disease, she never complained, never resisted herself, she just turned the pages of what were tragedies for me: the hair loss, the symptoms of chemotherapy, surgery, the burns of radiotherapy, etc. When I contacted her with Ho’oponopono and we started finding new answers to our questions on this process, she just smiled confirming what she already knew, that the disease was just an illusion, a reflection of something and that you only needed not to empower it.
Somebody told my wife that in a previous life she had been a shaman, a healer, and it must be true: while she levitated over the problem and healed herself letting go, I fought against her disease described by a doctor as a beast with the feet of a mouse and the head of a dragon. Fortunately, I found Ho’oponopono to help me let go, thus preventing me from dragging my wife into the swamp of my own fears.
Today my wife is healthy: the regular medical examinations come out perfect.

Our relationship
We found the wisdom to let go of the hardest moments, today I know for sure that we are together because we have a lot to clean; we have coincided in this life and in this time to rectify the tensions between men and women that have taken place since the beginning of our species. With Ho’oponopono we have managed to exorcise every black cloud that hovers over our relationship; today our couple is stronger than three years ago.

Our professional life
When my wife’s treatment was in its hardest stage, I found a well-paid job, relatively stable and which supplied my ego with a sense of power and superiority. This experience turned out to be one of the biggest turning points in my professional life since I had never had such a bad relationship with my bosses; besides, everything seemed to be conspiring so that things would have a negative outcome. I did enough Ho’oponopono and the right thing happened, that is, precisely the opposite of what I was hoping for… The relationship with my bosses did not get any better and after a year my contract was not renewed, nor did I care either, but the goals were achieved and so I walked out with my head held high, this time with the intention of working independently. After some time of not being able to find a job, my economic situation was critical and as a consequence I started practicing Ho’oponopono all the time. That is my Achilles’ tendon, I only remember to do it constantly when the water is about to reach my neck (thank you, thank you, thank you). The results were immediate: I got a job offer which allowed me to organize my own timetable; besides, to my surprise, one of the dreams I had since University materialized… My two best friends, who were my bosses, decided to set up our own consultancy firm, for a decade, every year without exception we had found the right excuses not to start with it. However, out of the blue, one day in which I was out of town (I live in Bogota), they called me and told me to go back in order to formalize my partnership in our new society. Today the company is one year old, in this period we have had 6 prosperous months and six with a frozen turnover (during the 6 prosperous months I forgot to do the cleaning, thank you, thank you, thank you). Yesterday, January 19, 2011, I felt the urge to write this article, originally with the intention of having it published. However, when I typed the first letter I realized that this would be a cleaning exercise and it was. With each word and each line, hundreds of things over which I have been able to clean started to come up…
Yesterday I dedicated three hours of the morning to this text, and about 8 pm I received the call of one of my partners to let me know that we had won a tender that guarantees the operation of our company for ten months… Is this merely a coincidence?
Now my business has enough to operate with, we just have to start producing with it and while I write this I am cleaning in order to find the easiest way to our financial consolidation.
On January 4, 2011, my wife received a job offer for a year; this new lifeguard appeared after eight years of doing intermittent jobs. Mmm! As a mathematical rule, this new gift came after two critical months in which we remembered to clean permanently!... How powerful my intellect is, it manages to pull me out of the road towards nirvana in order to take me to the valley of tears of my own ego!

To round up
I want to make clear that these words have been written for myself, the few hours I have dedicated to this task have been assumed as a meditation to continue cleaning those memories in me that insist in perpetuating the tragicomedy I have just shared.
I perfectly understand that all those who may read these lines only exist inside me, so if anybody is inspired to clean anything that might arise, he or she would only be helping me reach my complete liberation. From this moment on, I end my tragicomedy and let the curtain of life go up again. May a new show start then, this time with the strong serenity of knowing that this world that serves as the stage for our lives is not a valley of tears, it is only a valley that has the inscription “Peace starts with me” written upon its entrance.

--Mauricio Echeverri Gil

I love this practice of Ho'oponopono.

What seems like an ordinary cleaning opportunity can be so much more.

I love how Mabel says," we never know what we are cleaning." And How Dr Len says" Just do it!"

I keep both of those things in mind as I go through my day. I am so lucky that both my sister and I clean.

So the other day seemed just like every other. She and I chatted on the phone. It's awesome because as she talks I clean and visa versa.

We were as usual discussing our kids, school starting, our pets, regular things and suddenly I got this image her husband wasn't well.

I asked her about him. And she said he was away on business. The next thought that came was Ice Blue. I asked her if she cleaned with him using protection. She said not really. I expressed my concern for his well being. We both began to imagine him surrounded by Ice Blue.

I imagined a grid of Ice Blue going through his body all directions. We also began discussing a tool of seeing him leave the house and return home well. It's so funny because our Grandmother used to say I see you leaving well and returning even better, when we were small. Who knew that was a cleaning tool.

All throughout the day when he came to my mind, I would say Ice Blue.  I mentally saw myself in a waterfall of Ice Blue all day.

I kept hearing if I am okay, everybody is okay. So I focused the Ice Blue on me, my thoughts, any and everything when I remembered to clean that day.

A few days later my sister called. She said remember when you were suddenly concerned about my husband and you and I used Ice blue on ourselves and on him. Well that day he was on his motorcycle riding for work. He was riding fast and his bike wouldn't slow down. He skidded out of control.  His body and bike skidded for a long time before it stopped. He said he just laid there. He is a very experienced rider and knew he must be badly hurt. His team came to his aid.

And miraculously he walked away without a scratch.

I am so appreciative to have this practice of Ho'oponopono. Cleaning myself first and all that comes to my mind.

Thank you Morrnah, KR, Dr Len, Mabel and all of those who chose this path to Peace.

Peace begins with me,

Peace of I,



Thank You, Mabel, for speaking about giving God permission.

I never knew this before. But when you talked about this on the teleseries, a light went on, so Thank You. I loved the Zero Frequency Tele-Coaching Series. I'm going through it again.

So here is my WOW story.
I got a new digital book and before I started reading it I said to God you have my permission to stop me from reading this book if it is not perfect and right for me.

Meanwhile, I will clean as I read. And I did. There were some interesting parts that sounded a bit like Ho'oponopono, having to do with our ancestors and DNA and our subconcious, etc. Then there were some things written that just didn't sit right with me. Clean, clean, clean.

I got to the end of the book and there was just the process to read, and I thought to myself I'm too tired to read anymore, I'll just print the rest of the pages and read another time, so I got out my printer and again I said "You have my permission to stop me at any time, God".

So I started to print.

The first page to come out of the printer was a cleaning I did for Daphna's dog Jimmy.

Then the next page to come out of the printer was the first page of the book, the book title.

I had only wanted the last pages printed and where did this cleaning for Jimmy come from?

All I can say is God had everything to do with it.

I remember you saying you can only ride one horse. In that instant I stopped in my tracks (of thought).

HO'OPONOPONO is the first and only horse I choose to ride.

So this morning I'm having a bath, and I was talking to my inner child and playing and laughing, and the memory of the book comes to mind, and the cleaning I did for Jimmy.

The thought that came to me in that moment was: "I'm not a dog, I do not take commands, if you haven't noticed our names are opposite GOD--DOG".

WOW let me say that again WOW

I'm still in awe, was that a memory to be cleaned? was that God? I don't know, I will just keep cleaning.

Whatever it was I see it as a blessing that I Am so grateful for, the MESSAGE, THE PROCESS.

We don't know what we are cleaning, maybe at that time I was cleaning for Jimmy it was meant to come back to me ten fold.

I don't know, and it did come back to me in ways only God has a way of showing us.

Ever since that weekend I have been at PEACE with everything. Now in this moment I add AWE and WONDERMENT.

And what a sense of humour God has, I LOVE IT.

Thank You I Love You Peace Be With You Peace Love & Joy

~Denise, Canada

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