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Ho'oponopono is the best kept secret of the self-help world. It is an amazing method of self - improvement, that stands way above all other methods which I have encountered in my 4 decades of searching for the "magic bullet ". It is superior to other methods in terms of simplicity, effectiveness and ease of application - 3 main qualities one should look for in any self- improvement "tool" .

In June of 2019, I started using Ho'oponopono as a tool during my coachings. As soon as I "discovered" it, I instantly fell in love with it, I share this with the clients who are receptive to it, and I just do it myself if the client is having a hard time accepting it, while we use other modalities to which the client may be more receptive until they are ready to consider something much simpler and more effective alternative - Ho'oponopono!)

When I clean what is being played out as my experience with my client, the problem my client has brought is being dissolved along with what I took responsibility for! ! I take responsibility for my experience, and for everything in it, and I do the cleaning (Meanwhile, on the outside, we are applying other modalities while working together, addressing the issues that seem really important "triggers” the client, and they experience all kinds of releases).

And, of course, what is going inside me, is triggering all kinds of changes in the client with whom I am connected to while we work together. (They have access to me, and there is an open channel of communication between us - therefore, there is an established connection). The results of our cooperation are, unmistakably evident and always towards the better.
Ho'oponopono has taught me how to differentiate between inspired action and action that originates in my will, and that has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.
Ho'oponopono has made my heart sing with inspiration!
That is quite a bit to be grateful for!
-Ranka Mulkern, United States

When I used Ho'oponopono... I am able to accept my life situation as it is, not going against it. Acceptance leads to inner peace which leads to inspired action. -Jayson, Malaysia

When I used Ho'oponopono... It gave me inspiration in hopeless situations, taught me to be free from my judgments, led me to new sources of Divine wisdom, let me understand that all people without any exception have beautiful souls; it gave me happiness for every day.
Thank you, I love you Ho'oponopono.
-Elena, Russian Federation

When I used Ho'oponopono ... I often hugged the trees in my garden, the cherry orchard, the almond and the very old walnut. Trees healed my eyes, so that I no longer need glasses. Today I went to the eye doctor, who smiled at me and told me I can forget my glasses. I have the document! -Klara, Hungary

When I used Ho'oponopono...I felt safe and protected. After 5 years practicing it I've started to see problems and people from other perspective, in fact, with gratitude cause they are only showing up in my life just to give me another chance to correct errors from the past. Thank you ♡ I love you Ho'oponopono♡ -Claudia, United States

When I used Ho'oponopono more things came my way,happy, sad,amazing,wonder things but Ho'oponopono gave me the strength to go on.The key is to keep cleaning,even when things don't go as we wish.God knows better what we should have in our life.Ho'oponopono is the passage ticket to God and his amazing plans for us.Trust! -Anca Erena, Romania

When I used Ho' relationships started improving.I have been using it for more than a year now. Changing my early practice of mindless mantra,i have recently started mindfully taking 100% responsibility and cleaning and letting go.This i have discovered is better. So many positive changes have resulted.It is a daily thing. Thank you.-Roy, United Arab Emirates

When I used Ho'oponopono...In December 2012,I began to hear about the Ho'opoonopono and started to clean.Since then I got engaged,better relationships,healed the colon and small intestine inflammation,which have been a lot of discomfort and pain was,and I'm not allergic.Thank you,I love you!God bless you Mabel! -Melinda, Hungary

When I used Ho'oponopono ... answers began to emerge right away. Some were obvious but I couldn't see them, others I would never imagine... all led me to fantastic results! I am happy! Now I know that the answers are inside of me ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! -Carolina, Argentina

When used Ho'oponopono... It had been 2 years practicing and one day while walking in my garden I felt that the cherry orchard invited me to embrace it. While embracing it I repeated the cleaning words. I felt very happy. God sent me his gift that night when I started to work on my computer. I realized that I could take off my glasses and now I look better than ever before.

-Klara, Hungary

When I used Ho'oponopono... I came out of dark feeling of depression, low self-esteem and dark thoughts. One day all of that didn't make any sense and "thank you, I love you" became best cure for all that didn't make me better person. Today, year after I can say that many good things happened and I am happy!

-Jasmina, Croatia

When I used Ho'oponopono...I felt total freedom. I had felt like a victim of circumstances my whole life. I have just recently found Ho'oponopono and I am truly overwhelmed by the simplicity. If a prob arises, I keep my mouth shut and clean. If someone irritates me, I clean. I no longer have to rack my brain for a solution! I only have to clean. What power! I am still forming a better relationship with my inner child. I am and will forever be grateful for stumbling across Dr. Hew Len on a search to better myself. Everything is within me!

-Barb, United States


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