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I have finished the 40 days - 40 nights program. I feel there has been a before and after in my life. It has filled me with so much light inside and the way I see the world!, "understanding”… I'm very greatful!
~ Cristina, Spain

Dear Mabel,

I have purchased your program 40 days & 40 nights! I am on the third day. I love the song of the inner child! I am singing it all day long!
By doing this, I feel much more connection with my zero state!
And yes, it feels scary!
Suddenly, I lost all my last intentions I wanted to do in this life!
Since I experienced child abuse, I wanted to help children who had/have the same experiences.
I wasn’t aware that the program inside me was only there to give me one more chance to take 100% responsibility and to erase.
Connecting with God, brings me in a state of zero!
I no longer have this memory!
It goes so deep that I don’t even attract situations or wishes to help other children.
There is nothing left anymore! I feel naked! No memories and no thoughts and no expectations!
Like I said: It feels scary!
I clean and keep cleaning!
I know when I close a door, another one opens!
In the meantime, I keep cleaning to stay at peace and be happy.
Thank you so much, Mabel, for all the good work you do!

~ Christa - Belgium

I've normally been a person who did not dream, or at least did not remember the dreams; I am currently doing the “40 days and 40 nights” program, before sleeping I lie in my bed and listen to the audio of the day, sometimes I feel the desire to repeat any of the days and I do so.

Since I'm doing this process I have dreamed of many things, some very rare, sometimes I wake up knowing that I have dreamed, but do not remember the dream.

In my cleaning process the phrases "I'm Sorry", "Forgive me", were what my heart dictated to repeat insistently. A while now, I've felt like the word "Thanks" comes fluently and naturally.

One night, listening to the meditation, I wanted to talk to my inner child. I got up from my bed, I got the pendulum, I prayed a lot and started the session. That night I found out that my inner child was a boy; I knew that night that he had been angry throughout our lives; the memories of anger had always been there, that anger and sadness have marked our lives. The pendulum swung responding affirmatively in an unusual way, I mean it moved like a swing.

Then, suddenly, I started to say "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU", I repeated that, not sure how long, maybe about 4 or 5 minutes. By repeating it many times, I saw that the pendulum gradually stopped winging until it was in its original position.

Since that night I felt that something very strong went out, it’s gone, I do not know what it was, but I felt that something very, very heavy was falling.

Thank you, thank you, I have increasingly come to understand how memories are repeated, how are repeated more dramatically than in the generation above us. I have come to understand how a family tree in which there are several children, memories are dispersed throughout the branches as a disease.

The infinite power of God is the only one that lets us clean and heal and allows us to do it by practicing Ho'oponopono.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. Greetings and hugs to you, from the other side of the monitor.

~ Claudia, Colombia

"Mabel, it has been 8 days now that  very early in the morning my husband and I listen to you and we start the day reading together and also at nights we practice the meditation before go to sleep. It´s really helping us to be more connected not only as couple but individually also to grow spiritually. We are getting some tools that are helping us. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for this opportunity to change. All of our friends are seeing the changes too! I want to tell you also that It´s five years now we are together and we always wanted to pray as one to be more connected and never made it. It looks like that the moment of awakening is now and this way be able to grow spiritually.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I´m looking forward to seeing you in Argentina!"


~ Argentina

Thank you, Mabel! I am enjoying your 40-day walk in the desert! The WATER OF LIFE!

~ Donna, WA, USA

Dear Mabel, I love the 40 day program!!! Love the meditations and love hearing your voice.
Thank you thank you thank you I love you love love love

~ Daphna, Israel

Dear Mabel, I love the 40 days/nights series. Every time you surprise me with your originality. I am looking forward to your new book Zero Frequency. Love, POI

~Claire, Netherlands

I am enjoying the program a lot. No matter how many times I hear the information, it always feels different and I get something new out of it. The songs to the Inner Child are very moving, and I weep before each one ends. I listen to both songs every day, numerous times. I keep on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Thank you. I Love You.

I wish you the Peace of I,

~James, California, USA

I am part of the 40 days and night program. It is wonderful! It is amazing how much more there is to tell about Hooponopono, and even more amazing how every time you listen you hear the same but it always sounds different and not the same! It is very helpful and I do not want it to stop! Love,

~Yael, Israel

As I continue with the 40 days/nights program, I discover much more of me, the real me. I am finding, in special moments, that I am much more (I am Infinite/Perfect) than I thought I was. And I am much less (Zero/Perfect, minus the data from memories).

Which, when I combine Zero and Infinite, I feel and sense Freedom.

~Daniel, Texas, USA

Dear Mabel,

I spent an unconventional day cleaning full-time, instead of my other job, called "grading," while cleaning moment to moment on whatever came up.

During my meditation, I was reminded that I was 3/4 done with my "walk in the desert." Divinity let me know He allowed me this opportunity to reflect and allow difficult, challenging situations to come up for cleaning, so I could have the opportunity to LET GO at a deeper level!

As I was writing my post this morning, I was distraught, yet excited, that these memories were ready to be released at even a HIGHER LEVEL. After all, I have cleansed intensely the past five years on "communication/feelings" situations, especially as related to family and marriage.

Divinity allowed my child and I to jump aboard His offered Hands, and He said he'd cradle us this day.

I AM GRATEFUL! THANK YOU! This forum and your inspirational teachings have made all the difference. I struggle with LET GO AND LET GOD! I do my best! With your daily inspirations and your Ice Blue Forum, You have truly made a difference in My Life!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~Donna-Lynn, USA

Thank you Mabel! God bless you, I am grateful to have met you and I must also thank my friend Cristina, who could not take your seminars and sent me to them, and that's how I met you. I started working more consciously with Ho'oponopono not so long ago really, and I already notice the results, especially after doing 40 days and 40 nights, as soon as I started I stopped smoking, although I was not smoking a lot and I had stopped smoking several sometimes before, it was weird to no longer feel desire, I mean I quit without the need of will, I quit and that's it! Also, after a while, I went on a diet without cutting the 3rd day and I'm still on, and I notice that is different the way I carry it out, and I'm not sure how it works, and I don't think that is important, because it is not from the mind. I also recovered the enthusiasm for doing several things, such as doing exercise and enjoying it! Teaching yoga and more enthusiasm for my work in general, though I'm very anxious to discover my true talents, I have still not very clear that, but I'll see that at the Zero Frequency seminar. (What also works for me on, and I can do easily now, is to be silent and I can turn off the TV). Wonderful! I also wanted to thank the assistance provided by the forum, even though I cannot login as often as I wish to, every time I do it is a great help. Hope to see you on 6/29 to continue cleaning, thank you for this great opportunity, I love you, Peace.

~ Silvina, Argentina

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